81C Art Gallery announces launch of III – Ieshia George, Jasmine Lindquist, Jenny Hawkes – A Group Art Exhibition


Artist portraits from left to right Ieshia George, Jasmine Lindquist, Jenny Hawkes (Photos provided by 81C)

81C is honored to announce the launch of III – Ieshia George, Jasmine Lindquist, Jenny Hawkes – a group art exhibition.

The show’s opening reception will be held at 81C on Saturday, September 25, at its downtown location on Strand Gade in the historic Charlotte Amalie district.

Guests are encouraged to appear in an optional stylish and creative outfit. Drinks will be offered. The exhibiting artists will be present to interact with the crowd.

Show Description:
III is a group exhibition featuring three artists currently living and working in the Virgin Islands. Ieshia George, Jasmine Lindquist and Jenny Hawks, all drawing on various sources of inspiration and talent, present new works exhibited in the 81C. Different styles, mediums and subjects ask viewers to reflect on their own personal stories and interpretations.

About the artists:

Ieshia George: “As an artist, I am often inspired by my thoughts and interactions with others. Therefore, my current work consists of a collection of random thoughts. I am deliberate in choosing colors and creating shapes to capture the essence of these moments. As a viewer, you can expect to tap into a wide range of emotions. Pictures can make you want to laugh, cry, dance, and love. When you attend one of my exhibitions, prepare for the thrill and wonder of my mind. – Ieshia George

Ieshia R. George was born in 1976 in New York to parents of Caribbean and Central American descent. She moved to the US Virgin Islands in 1990 to live with her maternal grandmother and aunt. She graduated from Charlotte Amalie high school. With an emphasis on the emotional aspects surrounding the human condition of love, companionship and lack thereof, Ieshia creates stylized abstract images of her subjects. The eyes are usually a central part of her work and often tell a story of their own, in keeping with the idea that they are portals to the heart and soul. Ieshia’s preferred mediums are ink and colored pencil on paper and acrylic on canvas. Ms. George is inspired by her interactions with people, her observations and her thoughts. Ieshia has been drawing since she first “picked up a pencil” and pictures are her natural language. She thinks in pictures, not in words, and creating is an integral part of her being. Ieshia is an artist and to be anything else would go against her nature.

Ieshia has been sharing her work with the public since 1996 to date. His first solo exhibition took place in 2004 at the Reichold Center For The Arts, followed by the “Calling All Artists” exhibition at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in Sainte-Croix, the “Nuit des arts” at the Delta Sorority in Saint-Thomas, two solo exhibitions at the VI Council on the Arts, works presented at the St. Thomas gallery and various group exhibitions in other venues and creative spaces, including the sevenminusseven gallery.

Painting by Jasmine Lindquist titled “Flamboyant Pansies” (Art supplied by 81C)

Jasmin Lindquist: “I make“ happy art. ”In a year marked by tragedy, trauma and recovery, I find that there is nothing more necessary than to produce joy in me and in my community. In 2021, my artistic process has shifted more towards creating cheerful but stimulating illustrations that are still anchored in Caribbean themes. This year I am using bright saturated colors and dreamlike compositions in my artwork to create joy and intrigue. – Jasmin Lindquist

Jasmine Lindquist is an artist based in the US Virgin Islands who specializes in acrylic painting and digital illustration. His versatility between digital and traditional mediums allows his work to be accessible to multiple audiences. The themes of bright colors and high contrasts that one can find throughout his work are influenced by his environment at the USVI. From bright sun and blue skies to colorful tropical flora and Danish architecture, Jasmine is inspired by everything around her.

Jenny Hawkes: “In this year of uncertainty, of pandemic, some days seemed so devoid of light and heat. My work last year was inspired by bright colors because especially now we need something to brighten up our lives. My pieces feature everyday sights and objects revealing the true beauty of our everyday life, which we sometimes overlook. – Jenny Hawkes

Jenny Hawkes moved to St. Thomas in 2012 from Red River, New Mexico. Hawkes has worked for My Brother’s Workshop since 2014 as Executive Director, which allows her passion for working with youth to guide her role at MBW. After the storms of Irma and Maria, Hawkes began painting again, but now in the Caribbean. Hawkes began painting in his early twenties under the tutelage of great Taos artists such as Judy Gentry, Barbara Zaring, and Ray Vanilla. Hawkes describes herself as a “colorist” due to her constant use of brighter colors in her work. Her work has been greatly influenced by her mother who just passed away last August from cancer. “My mother, Linda, was the first person to put a brush in my hands. In my first painting I ever did, there was that dark orange streak that made my mom say I was born to be an artist. She knew then and encouraged me all those years later, ”said Hawkes. Hawkes has always been involved with community organizations and enjoys using his works to brighten up anyone’s life. Hawkes has already participated in two individual art exhibitions in St. Thomas.

Event details:

Date and time of the opening of the exhibition: Saturday, September 25, 2021. 5:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Celebration, party, art gallery event.

Site: 81C – Downtown Charlotte Amalie. Strand Gade between the seafront and the market square. Right around the corner from Moe’s on the waterfront. Visit www.81CVI.com for a map link. Or google 81C Virgin Islands.

About 81C: 81C is a newly opened event venue in the historic city center with pop-up event space and art gallery. The space is available for the rental of private and public ephemeral events. 81C was started by entrepreneur Zack Zook after several years of renovating and restoring the building (circa 1810) located at 81C Kronprindsens Gade. The space is currently operated by Joseph Hewes, Augustin Kelvin Holder and Zack Zook. Visit www.81CVI.com and Instagram and Facebook: @ 81CVI

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