Advice for young art collectors in the digital age


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The art collection has evolved in every respect – it has changed in format, resources, means, accessibility and perspective, but its essence survives the test of time. Art is now influenced by the digital age. It used to be that art collecting was considered a virtue of middle age, but recently more and more millennials are taking art collecting very seriously.

Collecting art is as much a passion as a study, it is considered an investment, but it is a more rewarding activity on a personal level. The journey from an art enthusiast and admirer to a collector requires study, patience and perseverance. Especially in this dynamic digital age defying demographics, one needs to know exactly what is expected of the rich and diverse world of art.

To become an art collector, you have to go deeper into the subject. The study, analysis, understanding and decoding of the art world. The different platforms, genres, schools of thought, artists, categories, etc. then identify its core business within this broad spectrum. There are some golden guidelines to follow to have an enriching and rewarding art collecting trip, says Kr. Roop Partap Choudhary, internationally acclaimed art collector and Executive Director, Noor Mahal and Jewel Group of Hotels.

Search and Explore

The more one knows about the fascinating depths of art and about the artist, the more satisfying it will be to acquire the work of art. Investing time in research and exploration opens doors to new possibilities and avenues. It updates a knowledge of the latest ways and routes to exciting riches. The digital age has made gathering information relatively easy, but it’s also important to know how to get the most reliable information and not make mistakes. It is easy to explore and connect digitally and also to shop online bypassing geographical boundaries.

Find your inclination

Art is a vast canvas and you have to know exactly what you want to pursue. What inspires and what do we aspire to. Some choose rare heritage-inspired art, while others are driven by contemporary art. Some find their pleasure in painting while others find their attraction in digital art. There are a lot of things out there and through digital resources, one can find their interest.

Design a strategy

Building an art collection is not about spontaneity, it requires planning and strategy. Once you know what you want from your art collection, it’s important to make sure you’re pointing it in the right direction. A strategy helps you plan ahead, ensures progress, and helps you stay on the path of incremental building.

Networking is an art

The art world is fascinatingly complex, finding the right things for your collection can be almost like a treasure hunt. Connecting with the right people who can help you on your journey to building a beautiful and meaningful collection is both helpful and effective. Especially like-minded people who know the art world.

Authenticity Guarantee

With the rise of the digital world and the growing role of digitization in the world of art acquisition, there is a growing threat of frauds trying to dupe young art collectors. Beware of cheaters and make sure you only deal with authorized and genuine people. You can never be too careful in this regard.

There is no shortcut to know-how and it takes time, energy and money.


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