All that is possible? Security guards become curators at art museums in the United States


Art is a highly specialized field. Only experts can become art museum curators. But not anymore. Well, really, because the Baltimore Museum of Art has assigned 17 officers from its security team to do the job.

The exhibition entitled “Guarding the Art” presents 25 unique works, which were selected by the members of the team.

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It is open from March 27 to July 10. The exhibition will give visitors a glimpse of the art world through the eyes of the guardians who watch over it.

So, you wonder whose idea it was? The answer is Amy Elias, one of the museum’s trustees.

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A conversation with a friend led me to consider “how guards spend more time with art than anyone else. And so, I came home at night and thought, well , wouldn’t it be interesting to hear the guards talk about what pieces of work they find most meaningful?” Elias told CNN.

Rob Kempton, who has been part of the BMA’s security team since 2016, was delighted with the opportunity. “I had never been a security guard before. But working at the BMA, being around art, was something that I felt was important,” Kempton told CNN.

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