“Americans In Spain” exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum


Bringing together art and academia – that’s the idea behind the Milwaukee Art Museum’s exhibit “Americans In Spain”. The research of a professor from Marquette University contributed to the creation of the exhibition.

You won’t find kings or conquistadors on the walls …

“Just the beauty and dignity of ordinary people,” said Eugenie Afinoguenova, professor of Marquette.

Afinoguenova, professor at Marquette, has spent years researching the visual culture of Spain.

“I wrote a book about the history of the Prada Museum and why ordinary people who knew nothing about art visited it in the 19th and 20th centuries,” Afinoguenova said.

This book influenced the creation of the “Americans In Spain” exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum – featuring works by American and Spanish artists.

“It’s the quality of the exhibition but also the variety of the exhibition. There are several rooms each dedicated to its own subject and each stimulating a conversation about the different facets of Spain,” Afinoguenova said.

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As people browse the exhibit, they can also follow up on their phones with a dedicated “Americans In Spain” app for the exhibit created in collaboration with the museum and Marquette students.

Abby Gray is in her second year at Marquette, her voice along with several other students can be heard in the audio tour, all speaking Spanish.

“For the Spanish speakers who come to the exhibit, it’s also a feeling of inclusion and the fact that they are looked after just as much as an English speaker,” said Abby Gray, a student from Marquette.

Abby Gray

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“I think what’s really wonderful about Marquette’s involvement again, faculty and students, is the different Spanish that’s presented and spoken. It’s by native Spanish speakers and then the Spanish as a second language We have voices from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, then Spain itself, ”said Brandon Ruud, Abert Family Curator of American Art for MAM.

It’s the last weekend to see the “Americans In Spain” exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


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