Artist Zevi G’s 456 Collector’s Club Brings Physical Utility to Art Collectors Worldwide


Born out of forward-thinking and a mission to provide the world with its thinking through unique and timeless art, Zevi G brought another creation to life by launching the 456 Collectors Club into the metaverse. 456 Collector’s Club is a collection of 4,560 3D generative NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Now that the strike is officially open, the strike through will allow you to receive a random NFT with an instant reveal. By participating in this mint, you give yourself the opportunity to receive rare editions from the collection that otherwise might simply not be available on the market in the future.

By owning and holding a 456 Collectors Club NFT, you will have the opportunity to redeem a physical print signed by Zevi G of your 456 Collectors Club artwork. This complementary physical work of art is not the only rare and unique perk of becoming a collector. Many other unique opportunities to collect art will come to fruition simply by hosting a 456 Collectors Club NFT. Upcoming Collectors of Redeemable Assets will be able to receive a 7×7 inch Namaste sculpt in the matching color of their NFT. Many other NFT collections would require holders to hire an outside artist to recreate your NFT into a physical piece of art, but Zevi G aims to bring all the art to you by holding your NFT. With some being more limited than others, ten different colors are available, each offering a unique aesthetic.

The incredible 3D generative art of Zevi’s signature “456 Land” series, has a plethora of creative details that are just as quirky and visually appealing as they reward the longer you keep 456 Collectors Club in your possession. 456 Collectors Club is priced with an incredible mint .333 ethereum entry point. With its track record built on the solid foundation of consistently rewarding holders, 456 Collectors Club is not just a mission statement toward positivity, but aims to create an environment of winning together within the community. You are not only collecting works of art that strive to change the future of art, you are included in an environment of like-minded collectors who seek to journey boldly into the future together. The 456 Collector’s Club NFT is a unique opportunity to not only have an affordable piece of art that is part of a high-value portfolio, but to own a piece that can also give you the opportunity to receive a physical piece of art rare 1 of 1 that is not only highly regarded but unique.

456 Collectors Club will provide the world’s first NFT Art Club, which will host VIP events for all holders. Zevi G created the ever-growing 456 Collectors Club to provide everlasting value to his community. Art allows us to express ourselves and collections can be a representation of our vision of the world. 456 Collectors Club has only just begun its journey, and Zevi G aims to build long-term projects that will only grow. With plenty of events, raffles, limited edition sculpt redemptions, and merchandising rolling out to holders over the next few months, you’ll want to stay tuned for more. Follow Zevi G and 456 Collectors Club on Instagram at and join the discord to keep up to date with the future of NFT art on

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