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HUDSON – Basilica Hudson is looking to officially add an art gallery to her property by repairing an existing building.

As part of a larger campus renovation, Basilica Hudson plans to renovate the back porch building and change its designated use from workshop to gallery through a conditional use permit, said the director of David Szlasa project at the town planning council on November 9. The board unanimously approved the candidacy with one absent.

According to her website, Basilica Hudson is a “not-for-profit multidisciplinary art center” within an “1880s solar-powered industrial factory.”

The property also seeks to become “net neutral” and eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, Szlasa said.

Szlasa said the gallery does not currently host parties or receptions, but the large building on the property does.

“Frankly, it hasn’t been used that much because it’s in such bad shape,” he said. “It may change.”

Szlasa said the building is currently used as a residence center for artists to create and exhibit works, but some members of the board have expressed concern that once the building is repaired, it could become an event space producing a loud and disruptive sound.

“My problem now is that this becomes a building of interest for weddings, parties – I mean an art gallery can be used for a party, so are we going to give you a platinum card to take that?” beautiful art gallery and do what you love? Said Theresa Joyner, member of the planning council.

Board member Larry Bowne said some art events may have people or music creating a nuisance, but Szlasa said the project does not propose any change in the use of the building. The plans also include insulation of the building, which could reduce noise.

Laura Margolis, a board member, said the space had seen noisy events in the past, but that was when the building was in worse shape, she said.

“We can’t predict. If the buildings improve, I hope we don’t have these problems, ”said Margolis.

The council only added to its resolution the condition that the project comply with existing regulations on noise and exterior lighting.

Szlasa said Basilica Hudson will also appear before the board with plans for the taller building in the future. He did not specify the planned changes.

Basilica Hudson achieved nonprofit status in 2015, according to her website.

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