Best Art Gallery 2021 | Lisa Sette Gallery | Megalopolitan life


Gallery owner Lisa Sette has a knack for finding links between contemporary art and contemporary society. For part of the past year she has shown works organized around the color blue, highlighting the historical, aesthetic and political significance of color (since ancient times color has represented the sky and the sea, and has served as a symbol of power, wealth, and status; today, of course, Americans identify it with the Democratic Party). The downtown Sette gallery also stands out for its roster of artists, which includes Sonya Clark, Claudio Dicochea, Mark Klett, James Turrell and many more. As you enter her gallery, you’ll always see a fascinating mix of materials, from Annie Lopez’s cyanotype photography on tamale paper to the delicate resin-coated animal bones of Mayme Kratz. The Lisa Sette Gallery is also a great place to discover emerging talents, such as collaborators Merryn Omotayo Alaka and Sam Fresquez, whose large-scale hanging sculptures made of synthetic hair and braids have been on display alongside Angela’s beanies. Ellsworth crafted with thousands of bodice pins for this year’s “Things We Carry” exhibit exploring identity and radical self-expression. Here art lovers and art curious find work that expands their ideas and perceptions, offering that perfect mix of questions and answers.


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