Brazilian cryptoartist launches generative art collection on Artblocks


“Fragmentos de um Campo Infinito”, by Monica Rizzoli, transforms landscapes into living art

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, September 9, 2021 / – Brazilian Monica Rizzoli, internationally recognized for her work as a crypto-artist, launches, on September 13, the generative art collection “Fragmentos de um Campo Infinito” , on the Artblocks website. The concept of the work is, fundamentally, a composition in which an idealized plant species is generated and arranged in a field of foliage and organically interacts with the climatic interference that occurs.

In this way, art-vegetation reacts naturally to the seasons of the year, as well as to rain, intense sun or snow – and this in a macro way, which involves all the flowers, or in a micro way, affecting each individually when, for example, a single petal falls.

The idea of ​​the collection is to invite a more delicate appreciation of nature. “The generated landscape requires observation and contemplation so that we can perceive the subtle aesthetic and morphological differences of flowers and foliage. In our daily lives, we tend to see plants as a whole and rarely seek to identify small differences, which researchers Wandersee and Schusslerv call ‘plant blindness’, ”explains the artist.

The project also aims to explore the full digital potential of the format, raising the question of what is needed to create a new species from a hexadecimal hash, or how to create parameters which, from such a small line of d information, are able to simulate the growth of a living organism.

“The goal of my botanical research is to use this technical knowledge to further refine the creation of plants with structures similar to those found in nature,” concludes Rizzolli.

Mônica’s work is characterized by being generative art, that is, digital art produced from an autonomous system, generated exclusively by the moment of purchase.

In the days leading up to this release, all other works spread across multiple platforms were sold.

His new collection will be launched on the Art Blocks platform, where it will be possible to acquire a unique and exclusive work by the artist. Once selected, artists submit their code and determine the number of montages to be produced from it. Until the acquisition of the art, the buyer only has a notion of the style of the work, through works already produced by the artist. The final result of the work is only generated after the purchase, which makes the experience even more interesting and the works unique.

When: September 13, 2021
Where: Site
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About Monica Rizzoli

Monica Rizzoli is an internationally recognized artist-programmer of great importance to the class. She graduated from the UNESP Institute of Arts and the Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany) and has already received the MAK Schindler, from the MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Monica participates in important international projects, such as MAK Center Artists and Architects (EUA), Creatives in Residence (China), Sweet Home (Espanha) and AIR DRAWinternational (France).

Monica has participated in important international projects such as MAK Center Artists and Architects (USA), Creatives in Residence (China), Sweet Home (Spain) and AIR DRAWinternational (France).

She is co-founder of the Night of Processing and co-organizer of Processing Community Day, Ṣo Paulo, 2019 Рan annual event of the Processing Foundation. In addition, the cryptoartist is a partner of the Just in Type typeface and the Contrast design studio Рprogramming, typography and design, which inspires many other artists around the world.

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