BTS’s RM Talks About His Musical Debut, Personal Art Collection, Museum


Nowadays, museums and art galleries are classified into two categories: those MR of BTS has visited and those he has not yet visited.

A known art lover, the BTS leader’s Instagram feed is full of snaps from his visits to museums in Korea and around the world, as well as a glimpse of his own personal art collection.

Taking his love for art one step further, RM, whose real name is Kim Namjoonlaunches the second season of Intersections: the Art Basel podcast. Hosted by Marc Spiegler, global director of international art fair Art Basel, the fair invites artists, artists, architects, gallerists, designers, musicians and collectors to share and talk about their love and passion for the arts .

On the podcast, RM talks about his early days as a musician, growing up with it and becoming global superstars as BTS, buying his very first piece of art, tricking fans into visiting museums (also known as Namjooning) and share his own personal art collection with other art lovers via a public space with a café. According to RM, collecting art “really gives me the standard to live as a better man, as a better adult and [as] an artist. I just want to make music like the timeless pieces that I admire.

He also shares how grateful he is to ARMY (BTS fans) for admiring his [art] messages and taste. “My instagram…it’s a bit like a curation. And fans visit [the museum] after me when I post it. It’s really great that people can like its taste and be there [to] to visit museums. If 300 people see the same work of art, that represents 300 different feelings.”

Check out the podcast on Spotify and Apple Music:


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