Call for Canberra Raiders Souvenirs for the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery Exhibit on the Team’s 40th Anniversary | Canberra weather


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The Canberra Museum and Gallery and the Canberra Raiders have launched an appeal for memorabilia, to help mark the 40th anniversary of the NRL team. Canberra Raiders: 40 Years in the Limelight is a specially curated exhibit that, along with a series of other events, will help mark the club’s milestone. “We encourage community participation in this because the Raiders are a very proud community club. They are not just a football team. They are a big part of the community,” said Ben Pollack, head of media and of the Canberra Raiders digital. “We still have members of our club who have been supporters and members and have attended games since those first games in 1982. There are people who have attended hundreds and hundreds of Raiders games, both in Queanbeyan when we were at Seiffert Oval and also since we moved to Bruce. ”I think there was a famous quote, in 1989 when the Raiders won their first PM job, this has gave Canberra a soul. So this is an opportunity for people to play on those emotions and highlight some things that they think might be worth being part of this exhibition. Milk – for which the museum organized a successful exhibition earlier this year. Such a success in fact that CMAG realized that there was more of an appetite for social history than previously thought. we are among the highest and lowest in town, but they do so much behind the scenes in the community, ”said Sharon Bulkeley, senior curator of social history at CMAG. “They constantly go to schools and work with different charities and auction things off to raise funds, and they practice what they preach about belonging to the community. And so CMAG responds to this aspect of things. So what kind of memories are needed? Obviously, swimsuits are the first thing that comes to mind – and a variety over the years will help show not only how the colors and designs have changed over the years, but also the way the colors and designs have changed over the years. team presented itself as a whole. However, the appeal goes beyond the simple jersey. Flags, banners, posters, old tickets, homemade items, old photographs – if anyone has a unique or unusual item, “The things we are also looking for are items that have great personal stories attached to them,” said Ms Bulkeley said. “We have one of the original 1982 jerseys that was bought by a fan that very first year, and he kept it all this time and now his daughter is wearing it. So not only is it an important item of clothing. ‘to be one of the first jerseys, but it has this really great, sentimental story of a multigenerational passion. “Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our content of confidence :



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