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Photo courtesy of IAM Reverse Art Museum

Opening date: September 1st 2022

Address: 419 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013

IAM is the inverted experience of self as reflected through the eyes of established and emerging local and international artists. The mission of the museum is to present the different facades of New York through an inverted perspective; forcing the public to rethink the topologies and structures of the city in a new and creative light.

The Inverted Museum welcomes its visitors to the heart of Soho, one of New York’s best-known neighborhoods for fine arts and culture. The museum lobby acts as an orientation point, a place where individuals can better understand the various art installations and their historical relevance to the city. The IAM Inverted Art Museum encourages individuals to tap into the complex spectrum of human emotion while traversing an array of dynamic exhibition halls. As they are guided through these themed rooms, time stands still and guests are completely immersed in the singular moment of time as the visual narrative of each exhibit unfolds before them. The uniqueness of the IAM comes from the museum’s ability to capture a visual record of history, eliciting feelings of nostalgia, happiness and curiosity in its audience. Each room acts as a different urban landscape revealing the different personalities of New York. From gritty to luxurious, from downtown-bound trains to empty Billionaires Row apartments, the unexpected nature of the inverted rooms can be described as physical surrealism, showing the unforeseen and often illogical juxtapositions of the city’s identity.

IAM recognizes that each unique work of art acts as a gateway to the cultural, political and socio-economic status of the artist. Culture and art are created by ordinary people, and their collective experiences shape the perception of the world around them. Similarly, New York’s art scene is multifaceted, a melting pot of artistic expression that transcends any physical limitations dictated by borders or bodies of water. The museum wishes to highlight each artist’s unique perception of the world through an inverted lens, encouraging its viewers to pause and digest every little detail that surrounds them. IAM hopes to be a place of inspiration for artists and visitors, allowing artists to create works like themselves while promoting tolerance, respect and equality.

Our showrooms:

– IAM Statue of Liberty

– Oversized children’s bedroom

– Authentic New York antique store

– Plasma Room inspired by Nikola Tesla

– Diorama inspired by Stan Lee

– LEGO® bathroom

Exhibition halls of works by New York artists:

– Sculpture KAWS (Brian Donnelly)

– The sculpture of Daniel Arsham

– Sculptures by Danny Cortés

More to be revealed soon!

True to its mission of visual storytelling, the IAM Inverted Art Museum also prioritizes installations of works by Ukrainian artists in hopes of helping those affected by the unjust war. A percentage of ticket purchases goes towards rebuilding schools and helping children in Ukraine. IAM works directly with a number of charities to ensure that all donations go towards rebuilding Ukraine and helping families in need. The museum will also hold an auction of a large-scale Ukrainian flag constructed from lego blocks and 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to relief efforts in Ukraine.

The IAM Inverted Art Museum is also proud to support Ukrainian artists who wish to come to the United States under the O-1B visa, otherwise known as the artist visa. Selected artists will receive help navigating the O-1B petition process. Please note that we do not cover the cost of application fees or attorneys, rather we help applicants complete their petitions as an alternative to hiring an attorney. Our team members have first-hand experience with the O-1B visa application and can help applicants complete their own visa application.

Although artists worldwide are welcome to apply for this initiative on our website we currently favor Ukrainian artists.

Pre-sale tickets are now online at 40% off on our official website:


Tickets are on SALE NOW at 40% off

0-3 years old: free

4-12 years: from $20 (May 1 = $23, September 1 = $33)

Adults: from $33 (May 1 = $36, September 1 = $55)

Secure your spot and be one of the first people to experience this unforgettable journey of visual storytelling. Plus, we have an amazing offer for our first 10,000* ticket buyers! (*Limited time offer)

Buy tickets in April 2022 and you will get:

• 20% coffee discount

• On the front line for limited series of souvenirs

• Private museum events

• In the front line to visit new exhibitions

• Free tickets to the NEW Upside Down in 2023

Anyone who buys a presale ticket will receive a confirmation email with a unique QR code for the date of their visit to the museum. The official grand opening will be announced later this year and we expect a very large number of tickets to be sold. Come and claim your exclusive chance to visit our reverse art museum first!

We’ll see each other there!


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