Collector Beth Rudin DeWoody on curating her 10,000+ piece art collection


“I don’t buy to resell, it’s just a hunch after all these years,” DeWoody said. “I often buy at sight, but it depends; sometimes I’ll think about it a bit. I mainly buy from galleries, but I love studio visits. I like to see them and work in person, but with [the COVID-19 pandemic] I purchased images online. I’ve been collecting for so long, I trust my instincts.

As a curator, she has an ongoing exhibition, on view through March 23, at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, Florida, titled “Warhol! Warhol! Warhol!” A celebration of , the show includes more than 20 pieces of rarely seen original works by Andy Warhol from his collection. Shoe designs, oxidation paintings and small sculptures fill the galleries.

Looking at a Warhol photograph of silver balloons, DeWoody recalls visiting a large Warhol exhibit at a museum. “They had all the silver helium balloons that you could interact with around the room, and it was so funny: this woman was leaving and because of the static, the balloons got attracted to her hair and they started to follow her out of the room.. We ran after her to make sure they didn’t think she was taking them – they were following her!” she laughed.

With that, DeWoody set off for an afternoon of gallery viewing. There are always more shows to see and art to collect.


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