DailyPay joins the “Funding Our Future” alliance


NEW YORK, May 20, 2020 / PRNewswire / – DailyPay, the leading financial technology platform and the leading provider of the daily pay benefit, has joined forces with the Bipartisan Policy Center’s “Funding our Future” alliance of organizations dedicated to making a secure retirement possible for all Americans. .

DailyPay joins an impressive list of “Funding Our Future” partners, including ADP, MetLife, Prudential, Charles schwab, BlackRock, Invesco, the Aspen Institute, Prosperity Now, and Yahoo Finance.

DailyPay is aligned with the “Funding Our Future” savings and responsibility message. DailyPay works with the nation’s top employers to bring financial flexibility and empowerment to millions of American workers. Its revolutionary new PayEx platform allows users not only to access their earned income, but also to start a savings program and a path to fiscal wellness. With the DailyPay benefit, research shows that users can save more on average $ 1200 per year avoiding overdraft fees and predatory payday loans.

“We at DailyPay are delighted to join forces with Funding Our Future as we share many of the same ideals and goals in giving the American worker the opportunity to take control of their finances and plan for the future,” he said. Matthew kopko, Vice President of Public Policy, DailyPay.

“We are pleased to welcome DailyPay to the Funding Our Future campaign. It is critical that we develop ways to help Americans save at all ages and in all situations. We look forward to working with DailyPay to address how we can help workers and families achieve financial security both in the short and long term, “he said. Kara watkins, Funding Our Future campaign manager.

About financing our future:
The first coalition of its kind, the Funding Our Future campaign is a cross-sectoral, bipartisan coalition of more than 40 organizations working for retirement security for all Americans. The campaign was launched in 2018 by the Center for Bipartisan Politics, and today it has representation from the educational and non-profit sectors, business and corporate associations, which shows the broad base of support that this issue has and requires throughout the world. country. Our campaign promotes research and partner reporting, organizes joint events, and educates the public and legislators on these critical issues.

About DailyPay
DailyPay is a SaaS award-winning fintech solutions company supporting more than two million employees at world-class companies, including Kroger, Adecco, and Berkshire Hathaway, with an on-demand payment platform. DailyPay is based in New York with operations located in Minneapolis. For more information visit dailypay.com/press.

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