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Parking spaces sometimes taken by broadcasters; The Beaux-Arts and CUE garages have an ADA car park


Visitors must purchase a General Parking Permit or Cougar Athletic Fund Permit to park in ADA spaces in Beaux-Arts or CUE garages on match days.

WSU Transportation Services provides alternative parking for Americans with disabilities on match days when broadcasters block the field outside the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Large sports networks like ESPN and FOX are using the ADA parking spaces available between the art museum and Wilson-Short Hall to set up their equipment near the stadium, said Daniel Records, ADA coordinator and senior compliance coordinator.

This question has already been raised by WSU students, according to a Daily Evergreen item.

In the past, Records has said that they have assembled a team to resolve this issue and find solutions so that the ADA parking lot near the stadium is not in use. The team included officials from the museum, WSU Athletics, transport services and facilities services. They were unable to find another location for the broadcasters.

It is the best location with the most reasonable distance from the stadium for broadcasters due to the size of the area and the infrastructure required for them to set up and do their jobs, said Cody Wilson, head of customer service. and marketing and awareness of transport services..

The museum’s parking lot doesn’t fill up every Saturday with football, Records said. It is usually only when WSU is playing larger games that are released nationally that the equipment needs to be installed there.

On days like this, the Beaux-Arts and Smith Center for Undergraduate Education parking lots are the next best spots for ADA parking that will bring attendees to matches closest to the stadium, he said.

Visitors must purchase a general parking permit or Cougar Athletic Fund permit to park in ADA spaces at Beaux-Arts or CUE garages on match days, Wilson said.

General parking permits can be purchased in line in advance for $ 15 or on game day for $ 20, he said.

The Beaux-Arts and CUE garages have ADA-accessible elevators that bring pedestrians to the same level as the stadium entrance, Wilson said. These elevators leave near the ADA parking lot of the art museum.

On days without national broadcasters and when museum land is available, Wilson said they let drivers cross the closed road to park if they have the general license or CAF permit and their ADA sign. The only problem is that the pilots find it difficult to exit when everyone leaves the stadium at the same time, he said.

Transportation services allow drivers with a passenger with a disability to go to the stadium and drop off their passenger, then go find parking, he said.

“So we’re doing everything we can to try to get people access, you know, as close as possible,” Wilson said.

There are currently no plans to develop a separate specific area for broadcasters to set up their equipment and plug in, he said. Putting in place the necessary infrastructure and power supply costs a lot of money.

There have also been issues in the past where visitors came to campus on game days to conduct other business. These visitors can seek help from transportation services, Wilson said.

“Email us, give us a call, let us know your needs, where you need to be, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you so we can find something to get you to campus. where you need to be, ”he said. .


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