Donor money could boost art collection


A WORCESTER philanthropist offered to strengthen the city’s art gallery and museum collection of works of art and its wider cultural status by donating £ 300,000.

If the plan is approved by the Worcester City Council Policy and Resources Committee, the donation will be used to purchase new artwork, to allow the exhibits in the gallery to be more spread over a larger space and to improve facilities for visitors to Foregate. Street building.

The donor, who currently wishes to remain anonymous, hopes to raise the profile of the art gallery by helping to purchase works of art that will attract national and international attention to enhance Worcester’s cultural life, thereby helping to attract more tourists in the city.

The donor said: “This donation, if confirmed, will provide a timely opportunity for significant development of the Worcester Art Gallery and Museum and its internal and exhibition areas, to add to its collection and to encourage other galleries to lend works from their collections.

“It would also attract other public contributions, both in terms of financial donations and appropriate works of art, providing additional appeal to the public and tourists, while helping to promote the economic and cultural status from Worcester. “

Councilor Marc Bayliss, Head of City Council, said: “This is an extremely generous donation and I hope it can leave an important legacy both to the Worcester Art Gallery and to the culture of our region. city. On behalf of Worcester, I would like to thank the donor for this remarkable act of philanthropy. “

The donation would support plans that are already under development to expand the building’s art gallery space and improve its visitor facilities as part of the City of Worcester’s investment plan, which recently got £ 19.6million from the government.

Plans are also underway to create a new charity to support fundraising for city and county museums, and – if approved – news of this donation would be used as a basis for attracting new ones. contributions.

The Policy and Resources Committee will review the donation offer at its meeting on Tuesday, September 7.

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