First exhibition for the new art museum in Rockhampton


The new Rockhampton Museum of Art will unveil one of its first exhibitions called “Welcome Home” later this month.

Mayor Tony Williams said he was delighted to see the magnificent works of art displayed in the museum.

“This exhibition, which is one of three that will open the new Rockhampton Museum of Art, celebrates our rich and vibrant collection,” said Mayor Williams.

“We are proud to present our collection and officially welcome it to its new home.

“The collection could not be displayed due to limited space in the previous museum, but this is no longer the case as the new museum has the capacity to display the collection permanently.”

The exhibit, which opens Feb. 25, is drawn from the Rockhampton Museum of Art’s diverse and nationally significant art collection. It includes the recent acquisitions of 67 artists and the collection highlights 75 works.

“The Welcome Home exhibition will open at the same time as the official opening of the RMOA, will be free and will be on display in Gallery 1 from February 25 to October 30, 2022.”

Communities and Heritage Councilor Drew Wickerson said the Rockhampton Art Museum was a place ‘to come home to’.

“Set along Tunuba (Fitzroy River), with Nurim (Mount Archer) in the distance, these landmarks shape the Darumbal country upon which our museum stands today,” said Cr Wickerson.

“It is the home of a collection of nationally significant paintings, which were acquired in the 1970s in a coup, led by the Mayor of Rockhampton, Rex Pilbeam.

“Pilbeam set the benchmark, and its energy and passion has carried on to the present day, where generous locals continue to support the acquisition of contemporary painting.

“Pilbeam’s legacy will continue to be celebrated and recognized as a community asset, with the new RMOA and Welcome Home exhibition being the next step in its legacy.

“You are invited to rediscover much-loved classics and connect with new favorites. This is a place for you. Welcome to the house.”

For more information and to stay up to date with all things art, visit the Rockhampton Museum of Art website:

The Rockhampton Museum of Art is funded by the Australian government through the Building Better Regions Fund; the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Building our Regions programme; and Rockhampton Regional Council.


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