Gloucester’s Westgate Street has a new art gallery


Art lovers are in for a treat with the opening of the new Westgate Street gallery. If you have an eye for an authentic old master painting, you might be lucky to find one here.

That’s according to owner and lifelong art collector Vadim Shaporto. He uses his new art and antiques shop at 64 Westgate Street to display his extensive collection.

Most of the paintings were purchased at auction. Current pieces include copies and “possible originals by famous artists, including Marc Chagall,” Vadim said.

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It is a claim. On more assured ground is its promise of a “world of aesthetic pleasure”.

Vadim’s collection is international, with artists hailing from Australia, Hungary, Russia, Spain and Germany. Her carefully curated collection is the result of over 10 years of collecting.

He said: “I have always appreciated art and have spent a lot of time in art museums all over the world. I started buying at auctions in 2011.

Gallery of Vadim Shaporto in Westgate Street, Gloucester

“You never know what you’re going to find. You can find great deals, but the problem is whether something is an original or a copy. Some collectors love the works, but for others they want proof of its origin.

Vadim, originally from Eastern Europe, now lives in the Forest of Dean. He has an online portfolio but decided to open his shop on Westgate Street so people would see the art properly.

He said: “I’ve looked at a lot of places, including Cheltenham, but I like the Westgate area. I want people to come and see, like a museum; people are always welcome.

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Gloucester BID Director Emily Gibbon said: “It’s wonderful to welcome a new business, especially with an owner who is so passionate about what they offer. It’s a different experience on the main street where people can come and see a lovely gallery in a beautiful historic building.”

The Westgate Gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. View Gallery Westgate’s entire portfolio here.

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