Grande Prairie Art Gallery unveils new exhibition featuring works by Picasso and Chagall



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The Grande Prairie Art Gallery unveiled its “Passion Project” exhibit on Wednesday, which features a collection of works by renowned artists Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.

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According to Jeff Erbach, Managing Director of the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, the exhibition is called “Passion Projects” because the subjects presented by the two artists in this exhibition represent themes that fascinate them.

In Picasso’s case, it was bullfighting, and in Chagall’s case, the Old Testament was a dominant theme in his work.

“We are delighted to offer people the opportunity to come and experience something that will hopefully inspire them,” said Erbach.

“I think the passion projects are about two major artists of the 20th century, their particular passions, both for bullfighting and for the Old Testament,” Erbach said.

The exhibition contains 61 pieces in total, 41 pieces by Picasso which present bullfighting and 20 pieces by Chagall which present the Old Testament.

The works of art in the exhibition are on loan from the National Gallery of Canada and, according to Erbach, the Grande Prairie Art Gallery was able to source these important pieces thanks to the skills of its team.

“It’s part of us as a national class museum, which not everyone knows, we are able to collect and exhibit works to the highest national standards,” Erbach said, adding ” because of the quality of the staff here in this museum, and thanks to our facilities, we are able to do that kind of work.

The exhibition is free and these pieces will be on display from September 30 to January 9.

Erbach says the Grande Prairie Art Gallery receives operational funding from various levels of government, and this exhibition was made possible through a combination of funding from the Sargent Family Foundation endowment, as well as partnerships by the through the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association.

Mayor Jackie Clayton, Reeve Leanne Beaupre and Reeve Dale Smith were also on hand to help celebrate the “Passion Projects” exhibit.

“Our government supporters are proud to be able to support us as a free entry facility,” Erbach said, adding “because access to art is really important, if you put too many barriers in it. ‘access, you don’t have the same impact. “



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