Henrietta Boex resigns as director of the Falmouth Art Gallery


Praise went to the director of the prestigious Falmouth art gallery who stepped down to explore new challenges.

Henrietta Boex, in office since 2013, was also Director of Cultural Services at the City Council and has been the driving force behind the redesign of the Princess Pavilion since its takeover by GLL City Council and the development of Kimberley Park Lodge.

She told The Packet it was time to quit her “dream job” and give someone younger a chance to shine.

“It’s still my dream job, but I decided from my perspective that it was a good way for the council to get some young blood and let someone young have a go at it.

“It’s not like I’m going to disappear from Falmouth, I’m going to be around and go self-employed.

“My own feeling is that it ensures the council can develop their plan, but I will be available to help in any way I can.

“I had a great time. I think it’s a brilliant job and I wish my successor good luck and hope I can help if I need me in any case.

“I wish the City Council well and have loved being involved in these projects. We have an incredible collection at the art gallery and have put on some truly stunning exhibitions over the past nine years.”

Falmouth Mayor Steve Eva said Henrietta would be difficult to replace.

“She brought energy and experience to the board,” he said. “When it was re-flagged it was placed under cultural services which of course Henrietta is the head of and she did brilliantly there while to be honest we were guessing the direction to go and we managed to do pass more people in seven months than GLL in the entire time they ran it.

He added: “Henrietta works incredibly hard and has often worked without pay to achieve her goals and she will be greatly missed as a member of staff.”


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Cllr Jude Robinson, who worked closely with Henrietta on the Kimberley Park Lodge project, has praised her work at the Princess Pavilions

“Henrietta will be missed by all of us,” she said. “Working with her on the plans for Kimberley Park Lodge and Princess Pavilion has been inspiring, as she has such a vision for Falmouth, with our residents at the heart of it.

“You only have to step into the Princess Pavilion now to feel the warmth and sense of community that Henrietta brought to the whole project and she also set the place on the path to financial success, a tremendous achievement.”

Henrietta was appointed as the new director of the Falmouth Art Gallery in 2013 following the departure of highly regarded former curator Brian Stewart, who died suddenly in December 2010.

Henrietta officially joined the art gallery team on October 14, after leaving her position as Development Project Manager at the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum. At the time, she described her new role as her “dream job”.

At Porthcurno, Henrietta was the project manager for a major £2.8million redevelopment and before that she worked as a restorer of antique furniture, among other things.

A new manager, Aidan Botha, has been appointed to run the Princess Pavilion for the City Council.


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