How digital art collectors show art on their televisions


This has been an iconic year for digital art, with the sale of artist Beeple’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artwork sold at an auction house for $ 69.3 million.

An NFT gold rush followed, without a doubt. But beyond the monetary value, will it inspire art collectors to finally collect more digital art? And if so, how do you show digital art at home, now that the idea is becoming more mainstream?

A growing trend in interior design is to place a photo frame around a flat screen TV, and it’s not as hokey as it sounds.

According to interior design expert John Carey, the founder of Designer appliances, flatscreen TV framing is becoming more and more the norm, and it’s not just for streaming Netflix shows.

“People stick these frames on their TVs because they’re trying to strike a balance between technology and artistry in their different rooms,” said Carey, who helps customers decide on their kitchen layout.

“What I realized is that these framed TVs, although they do display art, you can’t hide the fact that it’s a TV. I looked for ways to cover it up and to make it really look like art.

This led him to find television frames to fit a Samsung TV screen (in fact, Samsung sells its own TV frames).

“What we have recommended to our customers is to get one of those custom TVs and photo frames that combine technology and art,” said Carey. “Enabling customers to design with aesthetics in mind, rather than just sticking a TV to the wall. ”

There are now a growing number of companies that sell custom photo frames for flat screen televisions, such as Decorative TV frames, that attaches magnetically to the TV, giving it a clean finish.

Which begs the question: Can your flat screen TV double-function as a place to view artwork, when you’re not watching Netflix? With the Samsung Frame TV, it can be set to “art mode”, where you can choose a static image, digital artwork, to play in the background.

People always ask: do I want to put a television in my living space or do I want to put art? Said Carey. “Even if it was a TV, you don’t want to put it in a corner like you would a piece of art, which would be an awkward viewing angle. It gives people the opportunity to integrate the two. You don’t have to make too many sacrifices.

A flat screen has a dual purpose, in other words.

“Instead of being a black screen in the background, it’s the artwork you selected,” Carey said. “The goal is that when it doesn’t work like a TV, it blends in like a work of art hanging on your wall.”

“A work of art works like a screen saver when you’re not broadcasting or watching the news,” he adds.

Carey, who has appliance stores in New York and New Jersey, says there’s a whole market for affordable digital art beyond your typical screensaver-like images of beaches and landscapes.

Samsung has a monthly subscription that gives access to a digital library of images, from classic art to landscapes. There are also people who want to download and share their family memories on their flat screens, but that’s not where it ends.

In fact, independent artists and designers have taken and sold their digital “TV screen” artwork on Etsy and eBay for as little as $ 5 per digital image. It exploits the growing need for a digital library of unique images.

“There is an underground network of people selling their own digital artwork, just search Samsung TV Art on EtsySaid Carey. “It’s basically a screen saver for the resolution of the TV.”

There is a wide range of affordable digital art to choose from. The Studio Miuus is a design company that sells both digital and printable prints on Etsy, which has a minimalist and modern look that fits most living spaces. Another on Etsy is called hearts in colors, which sells a variety of images suitable for flat screen televisions, including foliage, bouquets and abstract imagery in neutral earth tones.

Meanwhile, the Seductive view studio sells digital images of landscapes, real and imagined, including snow-capped peaks and tropical jungles, among other digital paintings.

Samsung calls the Frame “a canvas that reflects your style and what you love”. The screen can adjust its brightness on its own depending on the time of day. “They did all the tech to make it look like an art image,” Carey said. The variety of photo frames ranges from stainless steel to various shades of wood, from light to dark.

“It’s a trend we’ve seen because people tend to like the aesthetics around them,” Carey said. “Different settings come into play, from wood to stainless steel. It creates a cohesive aesthetic that lends itself well to the design of kitchens and living rooms.

Digital art has a long history, dating back to the 1950s. It’s not just about digital paintings, as this art movement includes video art, gifs, digital art installations and other types of artwork. computer art. More recently, digital art spaces like “Van Gogh: the immersive experience”Have become popular, showing the need for more digital art experiences.

And why not use a flat screen TV to showcase your favorite works of art? Unlike digital prints, they take up less space and can be changed on a weekly or even daily basis.

“There is a whole network of art and frameworks, and because of that there is a lot of ability and its popularity is growing,” said Carey.

“People are interested in creating a little bit of texture in their home and this is one way to do it.”

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