John Oliver’s Strange Art Collection Takes a Museum Tour


You know those ridiculous paintings that John Oliver keeps buying from Last week tonight? Like the one with the humanoid rats in a passionate (sultry, even?) Embrace, or the one with talk show host Wendy Williams smiling in a pork chop? Well, you might be able to see them in person soon, as Oliver himself explains in a new YouTube video.

Last week, tonight’s Masterpieces Gallery tour tours five cities from September through January, with each stop benefiting both the hosting museum and a city food bank. It’s not just a way to see some of your favorite artwork in person, but explicitly tries to help struggling museums during the pandemic, while also helping their community. In addition to the increased audience they could get from Oliver fans, each museum will also receive a donation of $ 10,000 from the show. An equivalent donation of $ 10,000 will be made to each food bank. That’s what separates it from something like The daily showThe inexplicable exposure of Trump’s tweets, as well as the fact that this is just a bunch of running jokes for Oliver’s superfans and not some weird attempt at comment.

In any event. Full details, including the five museums that will host the exhibition, along with their dates, are available in the video below. Or, honestly, just scroll down and find those dates and places written in the text. Yes, we won’t be switching to video anytime soon, or at least this post isn’t. You can find out more on two websites opened by the show just for this occasion, and


07-28 – Grand Rapids, MN @ The Judy Garland Museum


05-26 – Chicago, IL @ Museum of Broadcast Communications


01-22 – Baltimore, MD @ American Visionary Art Museum


11 / 30-12 / 21 – Detroit, MI @ William V. Banks Broadcast Museum & Media Center

January 2022

04-25 – San Francisco, CA @ Cartoon Art Museum

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