Kenosha Public Art Collection | Guide to murals, sculptures and more public art


AMC Gremlin Mural:As a nod to Kenosha’s automotive manufacturing history, this mural can be found at Friendship Park, located south of House of Nutrition & Wellness (5824 6th Avenue), in downtown Kenosha.

Untitled murals: Artist April Szafranski painted a mural in 2019 on a freestanding exhibit near the back parking lot of Artworks/The Pencillarium, 4513 Sheridan Road. This whimsical mural features cartoon characters amidst an extravagant landscape. This location in the Union Park Arts District occasionally produces new murals so you might see a new one depending on when you visit.

Bjorn’s Penguin Mural: Artist Dean Tawwater painted it in 2016 on the west side of the building that houses Mike Bjorn’s fine clothes, 5614 6th Avenue. The mural depicts three penguins wearing red bow ties and a fourth larger bow tie that advertises the company. Show

Winged Victory of Kenosha County Soldier's MonumentMural Greetings from Kenosha: Artist Kelly Witte painted it in 2018 on the west side of the building that houses the Kenosha Area Business Alliance and the Jockey Factory Store, 5500 6th Avenue. This colorful piece features Kenosha highlights including the streetcar and our iconic red lighthouse. (displayed at the top of the page)

Winged Victory of Kenosha County Soldier’s Monument: This Library Park landmark, dedicated with the new Simmons Library in 1900, was designed by Daniel Burnham. It consists of a 60-foot monolithic granite Corinthian column topped by a statue of the Winged Victory, executed by the Italian sculptor Decco. It is located at 711 59th Place in the Library Park Historic District. Show

Kinoje mural: Artists Jamie Jabbari (Brown) and Karim Jabbari painted it in late 2020 on the east side of the building that houses Hot Mess Studios, 624 57th Street. The word “Kinoje” means “pike” in Ojibwe, in reference to fish, and a reference to “Place of the Pike”, which is the meaning of Kenosha’s name.

Statue of Lincoln at Carthage College: Since 1997, Abraham Lincoln has been larger than life on campus. Seated next to it is John Hay, a distinguished alumnus and former US Secretary of State. The bronze sculpture is a campus landmark, 2001 Alford Park Drive. The sculptor is Michael Martino. Learn more>

Lincoln Statue at Library ParkLincoln Statue at Library Park: The bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln was created by famed sculptor Charles Henry Niehous of New York in 1909. The statue was a gift from local businessman Orla Calkins, an admirer of Lincoln, to commemorate the year of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the president. It is located at 711 59th Place in the Library Park Historic District. Show

Millennium Gate: David Floyd’s sculpture is a permanent feature of the Sculpture Walk along the harbour.

Modern apothecary wallpaper: A mural adorns the exterior of the building with antique, postcard-style artwork welcoming guests. Inside is an independent local pharmacy that offers natural products, unique gifts and more. Modern Apothecary is located at 4924 7th Avenue.

Sculpture Walk: Perhaps the most popular of our public art exhibits, the Sculpture Walk – HarborPark welcomes new tenants every two years. The installments are part of an ongoing project led by the Kenosha Community Arts Fund to bring art and enjoyment to local residents and visitors. You’ll find sculptures, ranging from abstract to whimsical in design, lining the promenade along the south side of Kenosha Harbor, as well as a piece or two in the surrounding downtown.

S.S. Kenosha: Artist Dan Blue’s sculpture sits along the harbor – another permanent feature of the Sculpture Walk.

Starry Night over Kenosha mural at Deberge's Framing and GalleryStarry Night Over Kenosha Mural: Artist Eric Houghton painted it on the west-facing wall of Deberge’s Framing and Gallery in the Uptown neighborhood, 2008 63rd Street. This work is a rendition of Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night”, but the cityscape has been altered to resemble Kenosha, including our red lighthouse. Show

Wallace Fountain: Place de Douai, located just south of the Kenosha Public Museum on 56th Street and 2nd Avenue in HarborPark, features the Wallace Fountain. Popular around Paris, France, the fountain here was donated by the citizens of Douai, France, a sister city of Kenosha. The non-working fountain is a work of art.

Winter Dance Party Sculpture: On January 4, 1959, the Winter Dance Party Tour performed in Kenosha at the Eagles Club (now Madrigrano’s Marina Shores). It was the second leg of the tour and featured Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper and Dion and the Belmonts. A plane crash on February 3, 1959, the 11e stage of the tour, claimed the lives of three of the four stars – Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and “The Big Bopper” JP Richardson. The decision for a sculpture to commemorate their stop in Kenosha was long overdue, two local residents were behind an effort to have a sculpture in Kenosha. The sculpture debuted opposite the former Eagles Club in Southport Marina, in June 2022. Sculptor Martin Antaramian created the piece. Learn more>

More public art:

Union Park Arts District is a hub for the arts, as it’s home to a handful of art galleries within a four-block radius. The park itself has a sculpture, several mosaic planters, a beautifully designed small free library and, appropriately, a small free art gallery. On select Sundays in the summer months, Union Park is also home to the Kenosha Art Market, where artists, craftspeople, and designers gather to sell their works.

Kemper Center muralAmong the cultural offerings of the Kemper Center are the Anderson Arts Center as well as the Kady B. Faulkner Building. Anderson offers rotating art exhibits and musical performances throughout the year, making it a destination for visual and performing arts. The Faulkner building has a hidden but oversized mosaic that was created from objects found on the nearby Lake Michigan beach. Show

The iconic North Pier Lighthouse is home to the Kenosha Lighthouse Studio, where guest artists shoot in residence for a unique working environment.

Beautiful fountains outside the Kenosha Public Museum, Celebration Place at HarborPark, and Veterans Memorial Park are also part of the public art scene here.

With new additions continuing to be added to the public art scene, we may never be able to count them all. It’s a joy to have such unique creations that light up our community. There is surely a room that you will like too!


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