Lacombe artist exhibited at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery – Bashaw Star


Horses, people, mountains and history come together in the photography of artist Lacombe Arto Djerdjerian.

His photographs will be presented at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery (MAG) as part of the exhibition “Ya Ha Tinda – The Ranch: Photography by Arto Djerdjerian” until March.

Djerdjerian, who currently lives in the Lacombe region, was born in Cairo, Egypt, to Armenian parents. He grew up in Montreal where he studied photography. Living and working in Alberta since 1977, he has devoted himself full time to his practice as a photographer in Alberta. His works include special commissions, architectural, corporate, equine and portrait.

For six years, through patient observation, he photographed the life of the Ya Ha Tinda ranch. Djerdjerian skillfully composes photographs that capture the daily routine of the ranch; images that speak of hard work but also of magnificent animals and a breathtaking natural environment.

“Arto’s photographs give us a glimpse into the little-known world of Ya Ha Tinda Ranch – the horses, the people and the daily rhythm through the seasons,” said Joanne Gruenberg, art curator for MAG.

The exhibition will run until March 5, 2022. On January 29, there will be an artist talk with Djerdjerian where he will detail and discuss his six-year process to photograph Ya Ha Tinda, the ranch.

Pre-registration is compulsory on the MAG website.


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