Last days for Picasso, Chagall exhibition at the art gallery


There are only a few days left to see the works of world famous artists Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall in Grande Prairie. The Passion Projects exhibition has been on display at the Grande Prairie Art Gallery since the end of September 2021 and will be dismantled after January 9, 2022.

So far, thousands of people have walked through the gallery to view the collection of prints, sculptures and stories. Executive Director Jeff Erbach says it will be hard to have to say goodbye.

“We’re already cloudy in our eyes, not impatient for Passion Projects to leave us. It’s such an amazing show; we had a great time with it and everyone who came to see the show is so grateful and happy.

“CORRIDA!” de Picasso details his lifelong passion for tradition, while Chagall’s “THE BIBLE” is one of 100 illustrations he was commissioned to print and publish from the Bible over a period of decades. Erbach notes that this is the first time Peace Country has presented work of this nature.

“This is the first time that we are doing this, as a test to determine what the answer would be. These works are major loans from other museums across the country, which is another first for us… It is sometimes difficult to see these pieces, especially when we live where we live. “

The exhibit was made possible through a donation from the Sargent Family Endowment Fund and sponsorship from partners of the Destination Marketing Fund and the Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association. Access is free, like all of the gallery’s exhibitions.

During his visit, Erbach also encourages people to view the Bleeding Borders exhibition by Toronto artist Amin Rehman, which examines the communities living along the border regions of India and Pakistan, Iran and the United States. ‘Afghanistan.

“It’s a really, really emotional show and it’s a really important solo show for him, so it’s a show that is also worth seeing at the same time.”

Bleeding Borders will be on display until March 20.


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