Millionaire art collectors unionize to protest billionaire contest



As organizing efforts continue to gain momentum in the United States, an unlikely group is stepping up to counter an even more heinous group of art collectors who are making headlines and works of art at a pace never seen before. Watch out for billionaires, millionaires are pissed off.

Art-loving millionaires in the United States, Canada and the European Union have banded together to fight billionaire’s growing monopoly in art auctions, museum boards and art fairs. art, where galleries favor 10-figure portfolios. compared to their less than seven-digit counterparts.

The latest push comes after the Museum of Modern Art refused to remove Leon Black, the billionaire who paid pedophile Jeffrey Epstein $ 158 million for “art consultation” and other nebulous activities. “If a billionaire who loves pedophiles cannot be kicked off the board, then we are doomed. I mean, what is it? Trump’s White House? said an anonymous millionaire over the phone. The interviewee, who spoke to Hyperallergic on condition of anonymity, asked not to be named for fear of being kicked out of the University Club in Midtown, Manhattan, of which she is currently a member.

“This new wave of organizing may be surprising, but it may have been inevitable,” explained another millionaire who attended the closed-door meeting of BSillionaires, the group that slowly formed to fight the propaganda by billionaires and their associated media. “I can’t even afford the latest Christopher Wool or Damien Hirst. How am I supposed to proudly claim that I have a full collection of top notch New York and London based artwork if I can’t afford the most recent works? Should I bid on NFTs? Can you imagine Where do I store this? On my assistant’s iPhone? “

The cracks of this latest cultural war have been called the “Battle of Bling” by the New York media. The struggle had already begun to emerge in recent years, as billionaires began to demand even greater voice in politics and even more tax cuts, leaving their former millionaire allies largely powerless and only able to influence. the races and policies of local council members.

“We are fighting for everyone,” explained a BSillionaire member. “It’s our snack.”

No billionaires or their representatives would respond to Hyperallergic’s request for comment.

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