Milwaukee Art Museum Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Iconic Calatrava ‘Wings’


MILWAUKEE – It seems just as hard to imagine the Calatrava as twenty years old as it does to imagine Wisconsin Avenue without its wings at the east end. The Milwaukee Art Museum is celebrating this milestone anniversary with the striking addition that opened in the fall of 2001. The monument quickly became a Milwaukee icon that is an integral part of the city’s identity and continues to grow. importance.

“In terms of the museum and also for the city, it has allowed us to grow,” said Brigid Globensky, senior director of education and programs for the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Globensky arrived at MAM shortly before the opening of the Calatrava expansion. She thinks it sent an immediate message.

Vince Vitrano

Milwaukee Art Museum

“We can play with the A team. We get loans of artwork from the Met, the Louvre, more recently the Prado, the Albertina in Vienna, so we’re in a whole different category.

VISIT Milwaukee, the city’s convention and visitors bureau, immediately recognized the same.

“It’s been an integral part of the horizon for as long as I can remember,” said Peggy Williams-Smith, President and CEO of VISIT.

VISIT now incorporates the Calatrava image into its own logo.


Vince Vitrano

Milwaukee Art Museum

“I think it’s easily identifiable in everything we do, as well as in the city,” Williams-Smith continued. “The city adopted it as well, so it’s not just the Visit Milwaukee logo, it’s also the City of Milwaukee logo and I think that really helps to integrate that we are the water coast. sweet we have the lake right there and it opens up above the lake.

The art museum is still not fully open due to COVID-19. Guests are welcome Thursday through Sunday, although MAM does not host large group events.


Vince Vitrano

Milwaukee Art Museum

Yet museum officials want the community to celebrate this anniversary.

“First of all, get off,” Globensky invited. “We used the downtime during the pandemic to really spruce up the construction. He is in top form. If you come, we have redone the floors. It has that watery sheen that really connects to Lake Michigan. The walls have been painted. The exterior has been painted. It just looks spectacular.

Customers are also invited to share photos from yesterday and today on social media with the hashtag # MAMCalatrava20. A quick scroll down on Twitter shows that many fans are contributing.


Vince Vitrano

Milwaukee Art Museum

The museum plans to expand its opening hours in the New Year and hopes to return to major events and school groups in the spring. For visitor information:

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