Monotype and KnownUnknown launch “Helvetica The NFT”, a digital art collection that catapults the iconic typeface into the frontier of Web3


Two dozen leading artists contribute unique art celebrating the role of typography in culture, including Paula Scher, Lance Wyman, Marguerite Calvert and more

WOBURN, Mass., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Monotype, in collaboration with KnownUnknown, an emerging Web3 creative community, today launched “Helvetica The NFT”, a collection of NFTs created by two dozen artists from around the world. Each design tells a unique story but is bound by the world’s most famous typeface.

“Typography is the engine of culture and commerce, and in today’s world, the ability for artists to create new forms of expression and share them with their communities has never been more accessible” , said Alice Palm Tree, SVP Marketing at Monotype. “This collaboration has produced a never-before-seen collection of art that celebrates Helvetica’s role in a new market. Token holders will have access to both the creators they admire and a growing community of design enthusiasts who are part of of the Known and Unknown Ecosystem.”

The collaboration demonstrates the role of typography in a digital world while creating new forms of expression, commerce and accessibility. Artists working in fields such as graphic design, branding, shoe design and photography have created original artwork using Helvetica Now Variable, the most digitally optimized version of the typeface never done. Monotype and KnownUnknown have partnered with the Avalanche blockchain to enable collection, based in part on its low environmental impact.

With Helvetica as a common thread, creators of all ages, backgrounds and varied experiences have come together around this project. For instance, Marguerite Calvertbest known for her work in the design of numerous traffic signs spread throughout the UK and the eponymous police Calvert, participates with its very first NFT. Paula Scherone of the world’s most acclaimed designers and partner of New York office of prominent consultancy Pentagram, also contributed with three separate designs. Electronic microscopist turned sneaker artist, Vicky Vuong, layered the distorted Helvetica font onto a physical sneaker, creating a dynamic pattern that translates into three unique designs of varying rarity. Kunel Gaur, Jasmina Zornic, Julien Montague, wayne laurentand many others make up the creators of this first collection.

NFT, Typography, and Art enthusiasts can buy from the creators starting today at three rarity levels, priced at the equivalent of $100, $250and $500 respectively.

“KnownUnknown strives to inspire and uplift a diverse creative community through collaboration, human connections, and innovation,” commented James Sommerville, founder of KnownUnknown. “The ability to work with Monotype and its Helvetica font has created a tremendous opportunity for our design community to experiment and connect the traditional patterns we know and align them with creative new ways of working in Web3.”

NFTs, seen as the equivalent of a one-of-a-kind trading card, have exploded in popularity, and interest in the technology through which digital art can be created, sold and collected continues to grow. Exploited by well-known brands and celebrities as a digital medium to interact with their audience, the exploration of the potential of NFTs in typography is in its infancy. Digital type posters, abstract artwork incorporating type, behind-the-scenes designs, early access to gallery exhibits or font downloads, and more can be shared with fans via NFTs.

“As the creators explore character design for VR environments and the Metaverse, they strive to add the third dimension, ranging from flat space to evocative depth. They are evaluating the design of accessible typefaces and letterforms when viewed from different angles and levels of automation, all without compromising authentic brand experiences,” added Palmer. “This collaboration represents the enthusiasm and imagination of those who create at the intersection of art, culture and technology.”

“Helvetica The NFT” was pre-released at an exhibition on June 23rd at iR Gallery Soho with several of the designers. Timed with NFT NYC, June 20-23visitors from New York City Times Square also previewed the collaboration and artwork on the region’s multitude of digital screens, in partnership with Avalanche and KnownUnknown.

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