More and more Nigerians are becoming art collectors


BEVERLY HILLS, May 16 (THEWILL) – It is undeniable that the arts and culture are strategic supports for accelerating the growth of tourism in Nigeria. To this end, it is agreed that museums and art galleries are good tools for the promotion of Nigerian art and cultural heritage.

Experts have advised, however, that in order to achieve this, the federal government would need to take certain steps to make it work.

Tourism expert Julius Iyoghiojie advised that for Nigeria to have its full potential in this area, the country should have more visual artists in the international space.

Iyoghioje said that when more artists occupy such a space, more people will want to identify with their works.

Describing tourism as a major driver in promoting arts and culture products, he listed some of the elements to include natives and games, such as Ayo and Ludo.

Iyoghojie added that there are many tourist destinations around the world featuring Nigerian heritage sites.

Calling on artists to collaborate with their counterparts in the international space like their colleagues in the music industry had done, he said appreciation of art in Nigeria has improved.

He said that unlike in the past, arts and culture have seen a significant increase in the number of art collectors in the country, noting that more Nigerians have become art collectors.

“One thing is for sure. Your TV will become an old model, your car will become an old model and your furniture will become obsolete. It is only the artwork in your home that will be priceless, including your grandchildren and children. children will want to inherit. So I think that although cars from the 1900s are no longer around, we still have some artwork from 1994 well on display or much admired until today. is how to get people to love art. This is my main vision, ”said Iyoghiojie.

Among its collection are artificial and handcrafted works of art by popular artists, such as Bruce Onobrakpeya, Dele Jegede, Yomi Momnoh, Sam Ovraiti and Zibo Moses. He also has over 800 framed works and 500 unframed pieces in his collection.

The director of the Yemisi Shyllon Art Museum at Pan-Atlantic University, Dr Jess Castellote, recently observed that museums around the world can strive to help people discover art and learn through art. .

“So in our way it’s like every other university in the world. We are privileged to have some very fine collections in our museum and most of the works here are from Prince Shyllon and some are from collections and donations while others are from artists and collectors. We are here for people to learn more and to provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about Nigerian art.

He stressed that the museum is open to everyone and that we allow people to come and see it. We’re here to serve the whole community and it’s not just for students.

Regarding the benefit, he said, “There will be no good education without the museum. Art is good for everyone. But I think the museum can make a positive contribution and there is so much we can learn from our world.

Explaining further, Castellote noted, “Art is good for the nation. You can learn through art and discover things through art. This applies to everyone, not just young people. We have historical world collections in our museum such as uche Okeke, Osakwe and the bronzes of Ife, Nok Tera kulta centuries, among others.

Regarding the challenges, he said the corporal’s individuals and organizations had not been able to support the museum besides the lack of government funding.

Meanwhile, YSMA is home to 1,000 works of traditional and contemporary art donated by Prince Yemisi Shyllon to Pan Atlantic University, including an ever-growing number of items donated by artists and art collectors.

The YSMA collection includes paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and time-based works of art by some established Nigerian artists, including Ben Enwonwu, Okeke Aina Onabolu, EI Anatsui, and Bruce Onabrakpeya, as well as works by artists. younger, such as Uchay Chima, Peju Alatise, Ben Osaghae, Tony Nsofor, Lanre Tejuosho, Kelani Abass and many more.


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