NetCredit Personal Loan Review 2022


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NetCredit Personal Loans


Late payment fees, origination fees depend on your state

ordinary APR

34% to 155%, depending on your status


Late payment fees, origination fees depend on your state

ordinary APR

34% to 155%, depending on your status

  • Low minimum loan amount
  • fast financing
  • Low Maximum Loan Amount
  • Significantly high APRs
  • Not available in all states
  • Late Fees
  • origination fees
More information
  • Loan amounts between $500 and $10,000, or up to $10,500 in CA
  • Loan terms between six and 60 months
  • Loans not available in CO, CT, DC, IA, MA, MD, ME, NV, NH, NY, NC, PA, VT and WV
  • Customer service available by email and phone

Pros and cons of NetCredit personal loans

Who is NetCredit best for?

NetCredit is best for borrowers who want to get a small amount of money quickly and have poor credit. NetCredit does not have a minimum credit score requirement and states on its website that it considers borrowers to have bad credit.

Your personal loan payments will be reported to TransUnion and Experian, which can help you build your credit score if you reliably pay on time.

How NetCredit Personal Loans Compare

NetCredit, Fig Loans, and OppLoans are slightly cheaper alternatives to payday loans, many of which carry interest rates of around 400%. However, you will still pay a much higher interest rate with these three than with a traditional personal loan lender.

OppLoans terms range from nine to 24 months, depending on the state you live in. Fig has terms ranging from one to six months, depending on where you live. NetCredit has the widest range of loan terms, from six to 60 months.

None of the three companies have a minimum credit score to qualify, so they could be a good option for borrowers who have been turned down by other companies due to poor credit history.

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Is NetCredit reliable?

NetCredit is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit organization focused on consumer protection and trust. The BBB evaluates companies by looking at their responses to customer complaints, honesty in advertising, and transparency in business practices.

The BBB is investigating a pattern of complaints before issuing a rating. Customers have complained that the company approved loans they didn’t apply for and ran credit checks on them without applying for loans. Customers also say that they have been unable to contact customer service.

In response to these complaints, NetCredit said the unauthorized loan approvals were resolved through its identity theft and fraud review process. NetCredit pointed to a lack of staff as a reason for slow customer service times and said it is committed to “aggressive recruiting and hiring” to resolve the issue.

NetCredit has not been involved in any recent controversy.

You may not feel comfortable borrowing from NetCredit due to its history of customer complaints, but be sure to reach out to friends and family who may have borrowed from the lender to get a fuller picture of its services.

Frequent questions

Is NetCredit a legitimate business?

Yes, NetCredit is a legitimate business that has been in business for 10 years and has received high ratings on Trustpilot.

How long does NetCredit take to finance a loan?

NetCredit will generally send you money the next business day after your application is approved. In some cases, when you submit your application before 7 pm Central Time, the lender will send you your cash on the day your application is approved.

Does NetCredit carry out a comprehensive consultation?

After you are approved for a loan and sign on the dotted line, NetCredit will do a comprehensive credit pull, allowing the lender to get a complete view of your credit history. This can have a negative impact on your credit score initially. But as long as you make timely and reliable payments, your score should improve in the long run.

How much interest does NetCredit charge?

NetCredit charges between 34% and 155% APR on its loans. Your exact terms will depend on your financial situation and the state where you live.


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