New Three Highgate art gallery opens in High Street


Three Highgate is a new art gallery and creative hub on Highgate High Street with a ‘poetic vision’.

Taking over a former fruit and vegetable store, the gallery will promote emerging and established artists and offer residencies with studio space and exhibitions. Literary events, talks, poetry and live performances are also planned.

But first, the gallery by invitation opens its doors on October 9 with a collaboration between the two founders; Crouch End artist Pato Bosich and Russian writer Irina D.

Irina D and Pato Bosich at their Number Three Highgate gallery
– Credit: Provided

Bosich explained, “We have been friends for a long time and have always dreamed of opening our own space with our own vision and this opportunity presented itself. rigid or prescriptive, where the visionary qualities of art could be developed. “

Mythologies presents the works of Bosich alongside poems by Irina – taken from his play based on the Greek myth of Odipus.

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His multimedia works are also inspired by classics and combine antiquity and the modern world. He regularly draws the British Museum’s Greek sculptures and his large canvases – using a range of materials from stone slates, parchments to wood and adhesive – intertwine fragments of classical sculpture with ancient and modern ruins in arid landscapes.

Mythologies presents Pato's artwork and Irina's poetry in a dialogue between the ancient and modern worlds

Mythologies presents Pato’s artwork and Irina’s poetry in a dialogue between the ancient and modern worlds
– Credit: Courtesy of Number Three Highgate

“The exhibition was born out of a friendship and the paintings combine wonderfully with the literary element. Irina began to take an interest in myth and write songs about it, and my paintings are inspired by the British Museum where I have been going one day a week for seven years to draw. Slowly, elements of antiquity, Greek and Babylonian sculpture seeped into my work. Thanks to this admiration and exposure, I got there. ‘impression of having learned this language of antiquity. When she showed me the poems, it clicked together. “

Bosich believes Greek myths remain relevant and help shape contemporary thought, while Irina’s play, Oedipus.Complex, is a reinterpretation of Sophocles’ tragic story with a modern exploration of the human psyche.

Bosich, originally from Chile and trained at Camberwell College of Art, says his cycle of paintings, The Apotheosis of the Hero, depicts Odipus visiting the Oracle of Delphi.

Edipus with daughters of Pato Bosich

Edipus with daughters of Pato Bosich
– Credit: Eugene Codjoe / Urban Serenity

“The focus is on the hero who rebels against his fate and the fact of his existence. This moment of being both torn apart and exalted speaks to a contemporary sensibility.”

He says the Number Three makeover is “really fantastic”.

“It’s always a challenge,” he says running a gallery, but with the support of patrons, he adds, “I hope it will be a commercial gallery and a nest for creativity. You learn to live with it. anxiety. I left Chile when I was 19 with romantic dreams of European art and had this ordeal by fire when I had to support myself. I arrived in London where I lived in squats with slow progress. It gives you an edge and makes you work hard. “

The return of the hero by Pato Bosich

The return of the hero by Pato Bosich
– Credit: Courtesy of Number Three Highgate

Mythologies takes place at Number Three Highgate from October 9, by appointment only.


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