Northwind Art Gallery donates photographs


Melody Sky Weaver, left, accepts a photograph of Bill Curtsinger offered by Teresa Verraes, executive director of Northwind Art.

PORT TOWNSEND – Northwind Art has donated five framed photographs from the Curtsinger portfolio to the Port Townsend Public Library.

The photographs will be exhibited at the Port Townsend Public Library, 1220 Lawrence St.

The photos are part of a limited-edition set of 50 five-print portfolios that underwater photographer Bill Curtsinger exhibited at Northwind Art’s Grover Gallery last year.

The set was purchased by an anonymous donor who asked the nonprofit organization to donate it to the library.

“We are very grateful for this generous donation,” says Melody Sky Weaver. “These beautiful photos will be hung in the library for everyone’s pleasure!”

The gift included the five museum-quality archival prints, each stamped, numbered and signed by Curtsinger and framed by Brian Goodman, as well as a copy of “Curtsinger: Reflections on the Life and Adventures of Photographer Bill Curtsinger” by Kenneth Navigator.

The book contains photographs by Curtsinger, including the five donated, along with a description of the sea animal depicted and its surroundings.


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