NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale announces new exhibitions


NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present the first solo museum exhibit by Miami artist Jared McGriff from November 20 to February 13, 2022. Entitled Jared McGriff: Where We Are You, this exhibit showcases McGriff’s dreamlike tales that remain timeless even though they are ‘he integrates his family history into the realities of the present.

This exhibition contrasts paintings that suggest contemporary snapshots of the artist’s present with paintings that evoke the real and imagined experiences of his family’s migration from rural southern to rural western Oklahoma and California. . This juxtaposition of past and present reflects how contemporary times are shaped by history.

The title of the exhibition Where We Are You sums up the notions of the African Ubuntu philosophy where the individual becomes whole through the experience of the group. McGriff’s composition of single, grouped figures embodies the guiding principle of many ancient cultures that the actions of each individual impact others and society.

Jared McGriff: Where We Are You is curated by Bonnie Clearwater, Director of the NSU Art Museum and Chief Curator.

Beyond the OK Corral: David Levinthal, Wilson J. Tang and YumeGO

Beyond the OK Corral is an interactive augmented reality exhibit by renowned photographer David Levinthal, Wilson J. Tang (Artistic Director of Special Effects, video game designer and founder of YumeGO, the first Augmented Reality “Explorer of Experiences”) and the YumeGO team, commissioned by the NSU Art Museum. The AR exhibition allows attendees to enter Levinthal’s iconic photograph Gunfight at the OK Corral (2014) which was inspired by the Western films of Levinthal’s youth in the 1950s.

The exhibit uses museum-grade scanning technology and augmented reality to create an immersive, game-like 3D diorama that people can enter. It is enriched with Levinthal’s commentary, giving participants insight into the artist’s creative thinking, encouraging them to find their own meaning beyond surface imagery.

More than just passive observation of a photograph from a fixed point of view, the AR experience gives viewers the freedom to determine their own point of view and increases their awareness of the power of the image to become a part of cultural memory and mythology. Levinthal and Wilson conceived this project as an evolution from the traditional unique perspective of photography to a new medium more suited to our digital social age where we are hyper-saturated with endless viewpoints. Interactivity further enhances the experience, making the viewer an active participant in the act of creation.

In addition to showcasing the AR experience, the NSU Art Museum exhibit documents the production process and showcases the original diorama that served as a model for the AR experience.

* Visitors must bring a mobile device and a helmet to access the exhibit.

Margarita Cano: 90 years old

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present Margarita Cano from November 20 to February 13, 2022. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale celebrates the life and work of the Cuban-born and Miami-based artist Margarita Cano.

This exhibit will be a testament to Cano’s remarkable life, a testament to his transition from Cuba to America, and from scientist, to art librarian, and finally, to painter of dreams. This exhibition will summarize Cano’s multidisciplinary practice as a self-taught artist, whose creativity has manifested itself through wonderful miniature books, votive portraits, landscape paintings, prints and photographs.

Cano’s art is a portal to a celestial world, in which memories are transformed into sacred visions of life and loss. This exhibition is curated by the Director and Chief Curator of the NSU Art Museum, Bonnie Clearwater, with Ariella Wolens, Curator of Bryant-Taylor. Sponsored by Rita Holloway.

** Please note – his son, Pablo Cano, is also exhibiting in the museum at the same time, with the art of assemblage below!

The art of blending

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present The Art of Assemblage from November 20 to February 13, 2022. This exhibition features sculptures composed of found objects and which are distinguished by the unlikely combinations of recycled materials that make up their form.

In the practice of assemblage, materials such as scrap metal, broken seashells, tattered fabrics and discarded toys are scavenged and brought together in unexpected combinations, creating poetic abstractions of everyday life.

The exhibition is drawn primarily from the Museum’s collection and includes recent acquisitions from the Museum’s permanent collection by artists John Outterbridge, Vanessa German, Pablo Cano and collaborative work by Jorge Pardo and Jason Rhoades. It also includes works by Christian Holstad, Ernesto Neto and Jessica Stockholder, as well as significant works of art from the museum’s African and CoBrA collections. This exhibition is curated by Ariella Wolens, Curator of Bryant-Taylor, NSU Art Museum.

Photographing the fantastic

NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale will present Photographing the Fantastic from November 20 to Spring 2022. Photographing the Fantastic explores photographs of magical moments, the strange and the wonderful, taken from the NSU Art Museum’s vast collection of photographs.

While some artists capture miraculous and mysterious scenes from the world, others seek to photograph what cannot be seen: the transient nature of life and the spiritual realm. They use photography to communicate emotional states or feelings of alienation. A number of photographers use the medium to explore how we see ourselves and others or to capture phenomena in the physical world that our eyes cannot detect, as seen in the 1930s photographs of Berenice Abbott illustrating the force of gravity and magnetism. Instead of photographing the natural world, artists such as David Levinthal, Gregory Crewdson, and Anna Gaskell stage their theatrical scenes or create dioramas as subjects. Cinematographic and video works are also included in the exhibition as an extension of the photographic medium.

Most of the photographs shown predate digital photography and Photoshop. Photographers obtained the desired effects by manipulating the camera (camera angles, cropping, depth of field, exposure time, lighting) or by darkroom printing techniques (overexposure, solarization, editing) and by their choice of color, black and white or hand-tinted prints, and the size of the print. Several photographs were taken with a camera obscura (a dark room or box with a small hole or a lens through which an image is projected onto light-sensitive paper on the surface opposite the hole), a pinhole (a simple lensless camera with a small aperture through which light enters and projects an inverted image), Polaroid camera, which produces instant impressions, or by holography, which generates images that appear in three dimensions.

The exhibition features works by: Berenice Abbott, Alexandre Arrechea, Wynn Bullock, Edward Burtynsky, Magdalena Campos-Pons, Gregory Crewdson, Anna Gaskell, Ann Hamilton, Kati Horna, Samson Kambalu, Louise Lawler, Nikki S. Lee, David Levinthal , Vera Lutter, Loretta Lux, Ana Mendieta, Abelardo Morell, Zanele Muholi, Catherine Opie, Andres Serrano, Onajide Shabaka, Cindy Sherman, Victor Vazquez, Gillian Wearing, Carrie Mae Weems, Susanne Winterling and others.

This exhibit also includes Beyond the OK Corral, an interactive augmented reality exhibit by photographer David Levinthal, Wilson J. Tang (artistic director of special effects, video game designer and founder of YumeGO, the first “Explorer of Experiences” in RA) and the YumeGO app team. The AR exhibition allows attendees to enter Levinthal’s iconic photograph Gunfight at the OK Corral (2014) which was inspired by the Western films of Levinthal’s youth in the 1950s.

Photographing the Fantastic is curated by NSU Art Museum Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater.

For more information visit: https://nsuartmuseum.org/


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