Online exhibitions may not attract art collectors


Sameena m karim

Renowned sculptor and artist Sameena M Karim said online exhibits cannot attract art buyers and collectors because they don’t buy artwork unless they can see it in person.

“Art galleries across the country have had no choice but to organize online exhibitions due to the COVID-19 crisis. However, these exhibitions have failed to attract collectors and art buyers as they always want to see the works in person to verify their quality and authenticity. This is why a lot of artists faced difficult times because they couldn’t sell a lot of works, ”Sameena M Karim told New Age.

Sameena M Karim graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at Chittagong University in 1994. She runs the only art gallery in Chattogram named Mrinmoy Art Gallery since 1998. She has participated in more than ten exhibitions in her country and abroad.

“Some galleries have opened in Dhaka, but there is only one gallery in Chattogram. We will not be opening the Mrinmoy Art Gallery this year and I have no plans to host a physical exhibition in 2020. We have had two online exhibitions where some of my works have been sold ” said Sameena M Karim, who added that she raised money to help those affected by the COVID-19 crisis by selling her works.

“I provided financial assistance to two families and four artists. Artitude organized the exhibition, in association with the JAAGO Foundation, ”added Sameena.

“The world witnesses a pandemic once every 100 years and we are witnessing it now. Many artists try to imbue their paintings with their thoughts and experiences of the contemporary era. I urge art collectors and art lovers to collect such works, as they will give the next generation a glimpse of where we are today, ”Sameena said.

She also spoke about her upcoming project.

“I intend to organize an online exhibition which will be jointly organized by two or three organizations. Although nothing like this has been attempted before, such exhibitions will grab the attention of a wider audience and open a new chapter for art lovers nationwide, ”Sameena said.

She also expressed concern over the continued rape and violence against women across the country.

“We need to ensure a safe environment for women. Many artists have protested against the increasing number of incidents of rape and violence against women across the country and I am no different. All rapists must be brought to justice, ”she said.


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