Overview of online art collectors


In Artsy’s survey, the number of works of art that collectors reported purchasing each year increased significantly on budget. Collectors spending less than $ 5,000 per year on art reported purchasing an average of 2 works per year, while collectors spending $ 250,000 or more reported purchasing an average of 17 works of art per year, 43% of these collectors buying more than 20 works per year (to calculate the average, this bucket was assumed to reach a maximum of 40 works of art).

Ten percent of collectors who have purchased art online in the past said they purchased at least 10 pieces of art per year, compared to just 3% of collectors who did not purchase artwork in line. Collectors in the latter group were 36% more likely to purchase just 1-2 works of art per year than online art collectors.

These results suggest that online art collectors are more likely than art collectors as a whole to increase the volume of their purchases as their budgets increase, rather than simply purchasing the same number of works. art at higher prices. As a result, online art collectors have a more diffuse impact on the art ecosystem and may be more difficult to serve for individual galleries and auction houses than collectors who purchase unique works from. great value.

Collector’s level of experience and potential long-term value

Most of the survey respondents were relatively new to the art market. Less than 50% of survey respondents have been collecting for 10 years or more, and 18% of current buyers report collecting for 2 years or less. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed who actively collect online were under the age of 35, a key demographic for the art market, which currently needs to attract new buyers to support its artists, galleries and houses. auction.


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