Past Meets Present in Racine Art Museum’s Upcoming Exhibition |


ROOT — “Precedents: Past meet Present in Contemporary Glass and Clay” will provide new contexts for understanding how patterns and decorations regularly resurface across generations, what variety is possible in the dynamics of objects made from a certain size material relative and how artists might look at each other’s work for inspiration. This exhibition will be presented from February 9 to September 24 at the Racine Art Museum, 441 Main St.

Artists gather influences from an almost endless variety of sources, including cultural, social, and historical people, places, and ideas, as well as personal experiences and perspectives, and even the work of other artists and creatives. Whether or not an individual contemporary artist is directly inspired by an object or image from the past, it can be helpful to compare and contrast recent creations with similar older examples.

While RAM’s permanent collection contains a wide range of artistic mediums, this exhibition has been specifically boosted by the recent acquisition of numerous 19th century glass goblets and mid-20th century ceramic vessels. A selection of contemporary tumblers – part of a gift to RAM from Alan and Barbara Boroff and the Kohler Foundation, Inc. of more than 100 works by various artists – will be paired with historical pieces. The goblets of Fritz Dreisbach and James Minson, to name just two, reflect contemporary approaches that incorporate tradition while expanding on it.

The Racine Art Museum is open from noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Admission is $7 for adults and $5 for seniors (62+) and students.


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