Pitsea: “Turn the old bingo hall into an art gallery”


A DERELICT bingo hall should be turned into a museum or art gallery, a councilor has insisted after the owners were ordered to demolish or develop the site by a judge.

Pitsea councilor Craig Rimmer wants to see a ‘cultural and community facility’ replace Pitsea’s old bingo hall, which has become an eyesore. act on the site.

Basildon council also received £5,000 at the February 28 hearing.

The old bingo hall has been hit by two fires and a flood since it closed in 2009.

Mr Rimmer, chairman of Basildon council’s leisure and environment committee, said: ‘Council have been awarded a £5,000 fee and the demolition order has been reinstated which means something needs to be done. occur by March 1 of next year.

“I think that will motivate them to sell it and I hope that happens.

“I want to see a community and cultural facility like a museum or an art gallery.

“To make it economically viable, you will need apartments above and maybe also behind. I want to see the facade reproduced because I don’t think it can be saved.

The site fell into disrepair, with squatters moving into the empty building in 2019.

Before being a Gala Bingo, the building was a Century Cinema dating from 1930.

The owners had claimed they wanted to build shops and apartments, but claimed the council had refused to work with them.

Le denied this and insisted that he supported development on the site.

Mr Rimmer added: ‘I am very happy with the latest information on the site and the owners have challenged advice, but it is good to have the support of the legal system.’

Residents are also excited about the possibility of change at the Pitsea town center site.

Sheila Cox, 71, from Pitsea, said: ‘It’s been going on for far too long and I’m sad to see it in such a mess. I think most people think actions speak louder than words.

“I don’t understand why the owners aren’t making money from the site and the companies would surely buy it up soon.”

The SMP group has been contacted for comments.


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