Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Art Collection and Personal Belongings Auctioned | Ruth Bader Ginsburg


An auction of artwork, including pieces by Pablo Picasso, and other personal items belonging to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars next week.

Ginsburg’s collection of paintings and ceramics make up the first 17 items in a 115-lot modern art auction held by the Potomack Company of Alexandria, Va., in an online catalog. An additional collection called “Chambers & Home” includes 145 other lots of miscellaneous trinkets, including pewter bowls, crystal vases, and many other personal items.

Ginsburg, the iconic human and civil rights pioneer who died in 2020 at the age of 87 from complications of pancreatic cancer, had a wealth of artifacts spanning the last two centuries, by artists such as Picasso and Glenna Goodacre .

Among the most personal of Ginsburg’s collection is a Gartenhaus natural black mink coat with Ginsburg’s name embroidered in a pocket. As of Thursday morning, bidding for it was already over $2,000, more than double its original estimate.

Other auction highlights include Picasso ceramics and an Andy Warhol painting of a can of tomato soup.

“These items are really tangible pieces of her life and of her time as one of the greatest justices of the Supreme Court of the United States,” Elizabeth Haynie Wainstein, owner of The Potomack Company, told The New York Times.

A black mink coat with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s monogram is part of the late Supreme Court Justice’s art collection. Photo: Courtesy of The Potomack Company

“These articles would be of interest to any American who admired Justice Ginsburg as a civil rights pioneer and advocate for equality for all Americans.”

One of the most valuable items at the 20th and 21st Century Art auction is a 1953 oil painting, Presagio-Premonition, by Mexican artist Gunther Gerzso, which is expected to fetch up to 100 $000.

Proceeds from the two auctions, which end April 27 and 28 respectively, will benefit the Washington National Opera, of which Ginsburg was a strong supporter and frequenter.

Additionally, Potomack said he would donate 10% of his commission to help fund scholarships for Women of Berkeley Law, a group of University of California students whose law school has produced many figures. female legal pioneers.

Ginsburg, dubbed “the notorious RBG,” was known for her advocacy for women’s rights, and the auction is the latest recognition of her importance to the civil and human rights movements.

Last month, the US Navy announced it was naming a ship in his honor. In March, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History announced that it would exhibit, among other things, her famous “dissent necklace” which, according to the New York Times, was “the one she wore on the days when she gave powerful opinions and pointed to contradicting the majority of the Supreme Court”.


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