Savannah Museum of African Art celebrates Kwanzaa


SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – We’re just over a week away from the official start of Kwanzaa, but celebrations are already underway at the Savannah African Art Museum.

You have the chance this weekend to attend a workshop before the holidays.

Kwanzaa doesn’t officially begin until December 26, but the Museum of African Art in Savannah has been hosting holiday events throughout the month. Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration of African American heritage and culture, honoring family and community. The museum’s Kwanzaa workshops are an opportunity for families and individuals to learn more about vacations through a unique and hands-on experience.

“It’s a cultural feast, not a religious feast. We thought that since we are an African art museum, and since Kwanzaa was based on African tradition, the celebration of the firstfruits, celebrated all over the world, certainly in Africa, the celebration of the firstfruits. Our Kwanzaa visual workshop, so we’re going to be working with Kat Robinson who has organized some visual storytelling workshops, it will be storytelling based on Kwanzaa principles, ”said Lisa Jackson, education coordinator at the Savannah African Art Museum.

The workshop takes place this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and you must pre-register on the museum’s website here. They also have a final workshop coming up on January 8 where they will create affirmation journals for the New Year.

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