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A local art museum, which lacks many patrons as people are still avoiding crowds due to COVID, had a brilliant idea: to open the venue up to seniors. Those of us who have been cooped up too long, who turned our noses up at the activities offered at the senior center, thought it was a good idea.

However, we declined the offer of a van. Instead, we all drove our individual vehicles to avoid being blown up by others.

The museum was…lovely. The staff was so excited to have real customers that they went all out for us. Young teachers-in-training hovered, but not too close, as we spread out in the large, high-ceilinged rooms, clutching our brochures.

Spend more than 10 seconds in front of an exhibition of Mediterranean antiquities, and a docent would appear, a few steps away, to tell us about the artifacts. Squint at the detail of a Winslow Homer painting, and there would be a docent offering a magnifying glass and talking about brushwork. Look at the artistry of Native American baskets and wonder how they got all those varied colors, and a docent would know.

It didn’t hurt at all to learn later that these teachers-in-training were students from a local art school and would receive extra credit for their participation. They did a good job.

The senior center staff did too, surprising us with a sack lunch on the museum grounds after our visit. There were enough picnic benches for us to lay out in the sun, and a male spouse was drafted in to carry a cooler of frozen drinks to hand out, along with a wide variety of crisps to trade like schoolboys.

Luckily I had my checkbook in my bag. Before leaving, I bought a subscription as a Friend of the Museum. I’ll be back.

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