Sport Resumes Amid COVID; Black art collectors; MOCAD fires the executive. director


Today in the United States, a conversation with the chairman of the board of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit about the firing of the museum director, who was fired after allegations of racial discrimination surfaced. Additionally, we revisit a conversation with a few art collectors about how the buying and selling of works by black artists has changed over the past few decades.

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Michigan sports teams from pros to JVs face tough reboots


Conversation in the United States with John U. Bacon

  • John U. Bacon is Michigan Radio’s sports commentator.

Wonderfully Done: Art Collectors Searching for Meaningful Works by Black Artists


Conversation in the United States with George N’Namdi and Reverend Anthony Artis

  • George N’Namdi is the founder and owner of the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in Detroit.
  • Reverend Anthony Artis is a minister and art collector living in Flint.

Board Chair addresses equity issues and leadership change at MOCAD


Conversation in the United States with Elyse Foltyn

  • Elyse Foltyn is Chairman of the Board of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit.

Cheers! A new distilled alcohol (in Michigan) inspired by South America


Conversation in the United States with Lester Graham and Tammy Coxin

  • Lester graham is a Michigan Radio reporter and co-author of Long Live Michigan: A Celebration of Cocktail Culture and Craft Distilleries.
  • Tammy coxin is mixologist and co-author of Graham.


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