The Chanel Métiers d’Art collection pays tribute to its artisans

Photo: Chanel

Launched in 2002, Chanel’s annual Métiers d’Art collection is a love letter to the artisans and workshops behind every aspect of the collection. They pay homage to embroiderers, jewelers, shoemakers, milliners… This year’s edition, which is currently in stores, sees eight workshops working in close collaboration with artistic director Virginie Viard. The result is a sumptuous collection that Viard describes as “metropolitan yet sophisticated”.

This year, some of the workshops involved include Lesage, Montex, Goossens, Maison Michel, Lemarie, Lognon, Desrues and Massaro. These are just a few of the 11 that are now housed under one roof in Chanel’s recently opened Le19M building. Apparently, there are also 40 artisanal houses and workshops that Chanel has amassed over the years.

And even if the clothes are often in the spotlight, this year’s accessories section has shown serious know-how. Ahead, a selection of this year’s accessories Professions of Art highlighting the meticulous work of each workshop.

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