‘The Color Factory’ Interactive Art Museum Just Opened in Downtown Chicago – NBC Chicago


Chicago is a city known for its museums, such as the Art Institute, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, and many more.

Now he adds one with a mint green 200.00 ball pit to that list.

The Color Factory, inside the Willis Tower at 233 S. Wacker Dr. is a 25,000 square foot interactive art museum that “invites visitors to experience the joy of color through multi-sensory installations, immersive rooms” and more, according to a Liberation press.

The permanent museum contains everything from a maze of colors to a “deconstructed movie theater”, interactive and immersive art installations that mix color and sound, and of course, a very large green ball pit.

According to the release, the museum worked with local artists Akilah Townsend and Edra Soto to create a 36-color palette used throughout the museum, inspired by elements and neighborhoods of Chicago, such as the red of Calder’s Flamingo in the Loop and the green of an original Rainbow Cone.

The museum opens on Friday. Here’s what you need to know to get going:

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Tickets: $38 for general admission$28 for children under 12

Masks are recommended but not required.

The Color Factory also operates museums in Houston and New York. According to the statement, the Chicago museum is the largest outpost.


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