The Louvre at Century Park presents an art gallery in its underground car park




An apartment building in South Edmonton will have a unique attraction in its underground parking garage.

The new Louvre building with 358 rental units in Century Park has an art gallery on its parking pillars.

Forty-four local artists had the opportunity to paint support columns in the parking garage and compete for five cash prizes. The first prize winner will take home $ 10,000.

Artists were asked to create Paris-inspired images or items from the Louvre Museum’s collection to match the name of the residential building.

Painters have come every Saturday for the past five weeks to bring their creations to life.

“We had a very good response,” said Schluessel. “We really wanted to create the theme of the Louvre.

George Schluessel, CEO of ProCura Real Estate Services, said parking lots are often just a transit point.

“When we were developing this building, the parking lot with high ceilings and a skylight, it just lent itself to a great opportunity to involve art in the project,” said Schluessel.

One of the artists, Peter Gegolick, told CTV News Edmonton that the project was a rewarding experience as he was able to meet and learn from other artists while creating their work.

“Painting in a parking lot isn’t the first place you think of doing artwork, but I love participating in art competitions and meeting other artists,” said Gegolick. “It’s really crazy to see almost all of the finished pieces at this point.

“I think it was a cool and fun concept to take things that are at the Louvre that are very structured and that have been around for centuries and that really put that cool touch into it,” he added.

Grace Beaudin, another artist competing for the award, said the paintings gave new life and character to an otherwise drab or cookie-cutter part of an apartment building.

“It makes everything so much more alive,” she said. “There are so many different styles of art and techniques, it’s beautiful.

“There are absolutely breathtaking works here,” added Beaudin.

The winners will be announced on November 27. Online voting works Monday to Friday at 5 p.m.



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