The Pokemon Company will host an art museum in the UK in October


Pokemon Company will return to the UK next month for a very unique event. An art exhibit showing Pokemon Art through the ages. It remains a mystery, as no date, date, location or specific date of the show had been revealed.

The Pokemon Art Exhibit will open at Manchester’s Trafford Center on October 17 – but fans can still visit each time until June 13 – (via Serebii). All of the information presented so far is accompanied by a photo of the Pikachu that fans will be studying closely for any hints of what they might expect to see before it opens.


“There’s a glitch in Pokemon this week,” Brian explains. “Really, you have to resist the nimb of the beast remark with a real poo”, and others.

The image promises that more will be revealed on October 3. While it’s obvious that the featured art is set to give attendees a glimpse of Pokemon sketches before they’re officially added to games, shows, and trading cards, the art doesn’t. sounding like a cave painting to the right of Pikachu might be a fictional exhibit. The paintings were designed as if they were commissioned by trainers who have lived with Pokemon throughout history.

It would be a worse case scenario than Pokemon showcasing the first designs and the rare trading cards, especially given the dates the exhibit will be open to the public. Artists Under the Ages will close just days before Scarlet and Violet arrive. Games that appear to be rooted in time travel will apparently introduce paradox Pokemon. Pokemon with previous or future versions. And as long as you buy the game, you can find and grab a new one.

The Pokemon Company continues to do something more unique except for games and cards. Last week, it emerged that Ed Sheeran had teamed up with Pokemon for a song about this series. You can also use Sonic and Xizor this week for Pokemon Unite. They will be added to the MAA on Wednesday.


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