This Grant Wood art collection in Iowa is the largest in the world


Grant Wood is one of Iowa’s most famous sons, and the american gothic the painter’s works can be seen all over the world. His paintings and replicas can be found in the country’s most famous art museums, but the people who manage his legacy have not forgotten where he came from. Grant Wood’s largest art collection in Iowa is also the largest in the world, and he has an entire art gallery dedicated to him at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art – not far from his famous home. So step inside and explore Grant Wood’s legacy like you’ve never seen it before – all in one place, the place he called home.

Have you visited the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art? Let us know what you thought of this huge art collection from Grant Wood in Iowa, and any other galleries you visited, in the comments section. You can learn more about the permanent exhibit and other features of the museum by visiting their website. And while you’re in Cedar Rapids, why not visit Iowa’s finest library?

Address: Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, 410 3rd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401, USA


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