Visit a Brazilian house with a huge art collection


When the design duo behind Brazilian eyewear brand Lapima, Gisela and Gustavo Assis, bought their current home, it looked like an art gallery: vast, blank walls and sleek wooden floors. So they treated it as such. Gisela tells me that they’ve always loved art from afar, but “having a space with lots of white walls, it was possible to start buying it.” The house itself lacks color. Rather, it comes from bright pinks, deep emeralds, paintings and photographs.

Gisela and Gustavo collect art as a hobby, regardless of its financial worth. Aside from a heavy dose of sentiment, the common thread running through the assortment is the location of the performers. “Different styles, different artists, but people who really touch us,” says Gisella. “And are Brazilian.” Their favorite works include Janaína Tschape, Luiz Zerbini, Carlito Carvalhosa, Vic Muniz and Fran Chan.

“When we designed the house, there was so much wood and white and we thought, oh my God, where is the green going to come from?” laughs Gisele. About an hour’s drive from São Paulo, the laid-back town of Campinas inspired them to essentially erase the boundaries between the structure of their home and the outdoors. Huge sliding glass doors envelop the house so that even when closed, light streams through. “From six o’clock to midnight,” says Gustavo. “When we are awake, [the doors] are open.” In addition to an elegant wooden terrace and swimming pool, their outdoor space is characterized by lush vegetation reminiscent of the Brazilian rainforest.

When we spoke, it was 30 degrees in New York and summer in Brazil, a difference I didn’t miss as they described how much their kids loved running straight out of bed and into the pool. Keep scrolling to find out how the duo outfitted their home to frame both the art collection and the plant life. Fair warning if you live in a cold place, this could make you skip a flight to Brazil.


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