Where’s Marty? Viewing the Cordish Art Collection at Live! Casino & Hotel


Hello everyone!

Today “Where’s Marty?” the adventure brought us to Live Casino & Hotel. We weren’t there to gamble, attend a lecture, or dine and drink, but rather to admire a museum-caliber art collection that welcomes visitors.

How much of a museum is it, you ask? Well, the collection includes an authentic Andy Warhol piece signed by the famous artist himself.

The piece is called “Dollar Signs” and it was Warhol’s slap in the face at the big business that the art world has become. At Live! it is exposed at VIP check-in. I asked the staff if people doubted its authenticity, and they acknowledged that it made some guests hesitate.

It turns out the same reaction is happening throughout the hotel where there are 40 pieces of art curated by Suzi Cordish, wife of Cordish Company leader David Cordish. The plan was for Suzi to join us today, but that plan fell through.

Nonetheless, the Cordish staff had all the information prepared for us. The bottom line? Why hang up just any old work of art when you have the means to assemble a world-class art collection. It is reminiscent of the American Visionary Art Museum.

Another piece that caught my eye was “LOVE-love”, a heart made up of thousands of letters that form the word “love”. The artist behind this is Byung-Jin Kim.

It should be noted that the collection is not only paintings. In fact, ceramic vases and other sculptures are part of this impressive display.

Here’s the best part: it costs you nothing to see one of these works of art. You can go to the casino and the hotel, go to the reception, get a brochure and take a leisurely self-guided tour of all the exhibits there.

K2 and I love art and museums so it was worth a visit. And if you’ve never been to Live!, it’s a great place to start.

Until next time,

Marty B!


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