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When it comes to Dallas art collectors, the city’s three powerful couples are the default mental association for most discerning people: the Hoffmans, the Rachofsky, and the Roses. Together, in 2006 they pledged 900 works of art, valued at over $ 300 million, to the Dallas Museum of Art. But they are far from the only ones in the game. While the contributions of these others may not be at the level of this circle, many other local collectors have connections with institutions and their homes are teeming with art – and there is a new generation rising.

The Power Station of Art, founded by Janelle and Alden Pinnell.
Michel Lyon

The contemporary art collection, from classic to avant-garde, investor and philanthropist Alden pinnell and his wife, Janelle, grew large enough – in the hundreds of works – to warrant a personal gallery on their property, and their dedication to art nouveau prompted them to open an exhibition space, the Powerhouse, in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. from the city.

CEO of City Electric Supply Thomas Hartland Mackie and his wife, entrepreneur Nasiba Adilova, are constantly on the lookout for the best of contemporary art. Dianne and Mark LaRoe are also focused on emerging artists. Money manager Marc GiambroneDynamic assets range from Frank Stella, Jesús Rafael Soto and Günther Uecker to Damien Hirst and Angel Otero.

Geoff Green, partner at GWG Capital, and his wife, Sheryl Adkins-Green, Marketing Director of Mary Kay, develops a collection with a strong focus on African-American artists. John sughrue, who co-founded the Dallas Art Fair in 2009, is also a notable collector.

Another recent addition to the city’s collectable scene is Jordan jones, granddaughter of longtime Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who brought contemporary art commissions to the Cowboys’ new stadium when it opened in 2009. (Jordan’s aunt, based in Fort Worth, the Cowboys vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson is also a collecting force. Kaleta Blaffer Johnson, a tenth generation Texan whose family founded the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston in the 1970s.

“The collection scene in Dallas has continued to strengthen as new players emerge on the scene with a focus on emerging and contemporary art,” said Kelly Cornell, director of the Dallas Art Fair. ARTnews. “The philanthropic intentions behind the collections of established and emerging collectors have been instrumental in the growth of our museums. The collections are built with intentions much broader than individual pleasure, it is so important for our city.

Names to know:

Patrick collins

Marc Giambrone

Claire and Brian Gogel

Debbie and Eric Green

Geoff Green and Sheryl Adkins-Green

Thomas Hartland-Mackie and Nasiba Adilova

Tim headington

Kaleta Blaffer Johnson

Jordan jones

Dianne and Mark LaRoe

Janelle and Alden Pinnell

John and Marlene Sughrue


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