7 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Payday Loans


Humanity is about making mistakes. Albert Einstein once said, “A person who doesn’t make a mistake will never attempt anything new.” Stephen Covey advised that it is best to take a proactive approach when dealing with a problem.

Even if you make mistakes, be kind to yourself. You can learn as you go. You can make a wrong turn, but you will be back where you started, with the added benefit of perspective.

You can learn from others’ mistakes. These are the most common mistakes made when applying for payday loans. Bridge from paycheck to paycheck will help you to repair your finances.

It’s your responsibility to pay it off

This is a great option if you need a payday loan for 3 months.

Although $25 is a large fee for $100, it’s not the only reason. Borrowers who make their payments on time can get their lives back and avoid expensive credit in the future.

However, if the borrower is unable to pay their loan on time, they may be eligible for a second loan at a $25 fee. Borrowers must pay no more than $50 to borrow $100. They could be back in the exact same position within two weeks and have to borrow more money to pay old debts or accrued fees.

Some consumers consider debt to be a way of life. They don’t know how they can pay off their debts, which becomes more and more overwhelming. It is a terrible way to live. It is best to pay off your first loan as soon as possible.

Do not choose the wrong lender

Sometimes, a loan refusal can be a blessing. Lenders may refuse to approve a loan request if a borrower is not able to repay the debt. They might be doing one favor for the borrower.

A great option is short-term lending.

  • The bank won’t approve the application because the consumer has low credit scores.
  • The payday lender will lend the money without any regard to credit score. Because the consumer’s income supports this request, the payday lender agrees to lend the money.
  • Borrower repays the loan on time and works to improve their credit score so that they can get a future low-interest loan.

This is not always the case. Payday lenders are not required to look out for the best interests of the borrower. Lenders may not guarantee that the borrower repays the loan on the due date. Lenders might suggest that the borrower repay their loan sooner than originally agreed.

The consumer must be careful when choosing a lender. A lender that isn’t trustworthy can lead to high fees. A lender may actively seek to extract as much money as possible from the consumer.

Don’t look for other options

Four out of five Americans think that getting the best deal is an important part of every step in their shopping process. So it is not surprising that consumers seek out the best deals. It is also no surprise that expensive, short-term loans are often the last resort.

Sometimes, borrowers overlook the options available to them.

  • Credit cards – If the cardholder does not pay all of the statement balance, credit card debt doesn’t accrue interest. Credit cards are a more affordable option to short-term loans because they can be paid off every month without interest. But, credit card debts that are not paid on time can be costly. Payday loans are also not as accessible as cash advances on credit cards.
  • Loans from family or friends – It’s easier to borrow money with someone you trust. If family members are invited to the table, they may be more willing to sign a legally binding loan agreement.
  • Liquidating assets: Consumers have the option of selling their possessions to pay off debts or to save interest. You can always purchase a similar item later. You might see a decrease in value, which could result in a net gain.

Americans are looking for the best deal. Sometimes it can be difficult to find one.

Borrowing too much

Higher fees can make it more difficult to repay larger loans.

It is important to borrow only what you are able to pay back. This is not always possible for lenders. Payday loans of small amounts are subject to a cap in some states. To offset the interest rate cap, the lender might offer a larger loan amount. The borrower may end up with too much debt and have trouble paying it back.

Avoid taking out large loans if you are unable to pay the loan off on time. It is tempting to spend more than you need due to high interest rates, but it is not a wise decision.

Multiple payday loans

If one loan is not sufficient to cover all major expenses, a combination of multiple short-term loans might be a good option. This is a risky and expensive option.

People who have paid off their payday loans will not be able to borrow cash from payday loan lenders. This will increase your chances of default. This should serve as a reminder of the dangers that come with multiple payday lenders.

Accepting money with a high-priced prepaid debit card

Lenders may offer a prepaid debit card as an alternative to a bank account in order to pay the loan amount. This method allows you to get payday loans without having a bank account. A debit card that charges a monthly fee must be used with caution. This could significantly reduce the loan’s worth.

Lenders might offer money cards that are only available at the company’s retail outlets. This restricts the borrower’s online shopping and decreases their purchasing power.

False information during the application process

In business, it’s great to think out of the box. It is illegal to submit a loan application with false information in order to increase your chances of approval.

Falsifying loan applications is more common than you might imagine. One third of loan applicants provided false information when applying for loans. Lenders will most likely reject these leads because they can verify the applicant’s identity and credit.

Fake information is a real threat. Falsified information will be ignored and the loan won’t be granted to someone who has falsified it. False pretenses may result in a conviction. This includes inflating one’s income amount.

Short-term loans are a good option for small financial issues. If you avoid these seven mistakes, payday loans can help you achieve financial independence.


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